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Win a christmas present from the Jonne Aaron Band!
(Only for european Fans!!)

This year in the beginning of November was Negative-Love's 8. birthday!

Many of you know that we had to take a break working on the page because of health issues.
Now we are back and wanna thank our loyal visitors with a small christmas surprise.
You can win one Solo Album of Jonne Aaron "Onnen Vuodet" (signed by Jukka, Jaan, Janne and Antti)and the Guitar Leather Strap (from Jonne's Uncle) Jukka Liimatainen.
He used the leather strap during many concerts of the Jonne Aaron Tour this year.
The strap was signed with christmas greetings and autographs
by Jukka, Janne, Jaan and Antti after the gig in Helsinki/Pressa in November.
Also we give away the christmas card you can see on the pictures.
This card is signed as well by Jukka, Jaan, Janne and Antti!



How to take part?

Santa Clause got lost somewhere on our page.
We need YOU to find him until 20.12.13!
Otherwise he won't be able to deliever all the packages to all the cute children all over the world.

To take part in the christmas lottery you have to find "Santa and his sleigh"
Send us an email with the subject "Santa"
Tell us the Title of the page/article you found him!
Don't forget your name, age and adress.
All correct emails will take part in the lottery. The winners will be chosen randomly.