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Here you find some information about the members of the Jonne Aaron Band!
Started: 2013, Tampere, Finland




Name: Jonne Aaron Liimatainen (Singer)
Sign: Virgo
Birth day: 30.08.1983
Height: 178 cm 
Fave Dish: Chinese, Italian
Fave Drink: Water and coffee, white russian
Bad Habits: Always late
Idols: Dave Lindholm 
Hobbies: Bowling, hang out with friends
Fave Movie: Goodfellas
Motto/Favourite Quote: live and let die
Name: Jukka Liimatainen (Guitarist)  ->Facebook<-
Sign: Fish
Birthday: 20.02.1966
Height: 183
Fave Dish: Jokai Bableves (Hungarian bean soup)
Fave Drink: Sidecar
Bad Habits: Red wine
Idols: Brian May, Jimmy Page
Hobbies: Summer cottage
Fave Movie: Last Waltz (The Band)
Fave Song: Just one of the 1000 faves ? Miles Davis: So what ?
Motto/Favourite Quote: I went so low I needed a gravedigger to scratch my ass ;o)

Jukka worked in Germany for a while during 1997-1999, in Bochum at Nokia.
(He lived in Herne near the big cornfields) ;)


Name: Jaan Wessman (Bassist) ->Facebook<-


Name: Janne Kokkonen (Keyboarder)
Sign: Cancer
Birth day: 15.07.1983
Height: 190 cm
Fave Dish: Meat
Fave Drink: Absinth
Bad Habits: Women
Idols: Dizzy Reed
Fave Movie: Quentin Tarantino movies


Name: Antti Mäkinen (Drummer and Percussionist)