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JONNE AARON – How much do you know about women? 

We did this test at our last interview!
For this test Jonne had to assess three women and their preferences, for this purpose different questions were asked to him and he had to relate different things! For every correctly related detail there was a point! During this test he could reach at the most 18 points!

Read here about his answers and the result!


Here are our three women:

 Caro (19)                  Britta (31)                  Denise (20)

Question 1:

Women love sweets, find out which flavour belongs to which girl!
Who loves chocolate, jelly gums and who likes it spicy!

J: Oh…I need to find out which one is which flavour?
B: Yes!
J: Ok! What should I say…I start with you…for you I would choose chocolate…
C: Ok…

J: This for you…

J: And for you…this Euros!

Question 2

Which characteristics do they like at men?

J: Allright…this is interesting…(thinks some time) Mhhh…

B: Difficult?
J: Yeah! Who ist he tallest one?
D: Should we stand up?
J: Yeah!
C: Ok…I am the tallest…
D: And I’m pretending to be tall!
J: Ok…you have the heels…
D: Yes!
J: Ok…so I would take…ahhh…mhhh…oh F*ck! To difficult, there are so many same elements…
B: Just try!
J: Ok I try!

Question 3

Our girls now had to write down their sex phantasies..!
Here they are:

J: Ok…Sex in a plane…on a table in chains…this is weird!
B: Yes…
J: That is propertly the weirdest! Oh F*ck!

Question 4

Which bra belongs to who?!

D: Maybe difficult too! This is about underwear!
J: Allright!
D: Ok!
J: I love this!

D: So which belongs to who?
J: Hopefully these are washed!
D: Dont worry we wouldnt put used underwear on the table!
J: I think other people are looking…they might wonder what we are doing…well lets see…please move your hair…uiui…it is difficult…
This is yours…

J: Are you wearing Push ups?
B: Yes sometimes…but they are all with Push Up!

J: Yeah but it is like…mhh…this!

And this to you!

Question 5:

And which panty?

J: Ahhh ok…(holding the first one in his hands) What the f*ck is this?
D: Never seen such thing?
J: Quite hot! (searching) There are only two!
D: Oh where is the last one?
J: Oh…under the table! This is probably the weirdest thing I ever did on a public place!
C: It is funny!
J: It is really funny! I need to see your ass!
C: No!
J: Mhhh…you…take this…
B: But take a look...this bra and this string got the same it belongs together...
J: Oh...yes...but Finnisch women use to mix it...

And now the last question 6:

Now he had to find out which personality, characteristics,
and secret belongs to which girl!

Der Party Löwe

Loyal, spontan und versaut!

Fürchtet sich vor kochendem Wasser!

Die hoffnungslos Romantische

Kann Geheimnisse für sich behalten,
man kann sich auf sie verlassen,
sie liebt Katzen!

Sie steht auf Männer und Frauen!

Die stolze Jungfrau

Voller verückter Ideen,
chaotisch, immer zu spät!

Sammelt Sex Spielzeug!

J: Mhhh…(reading)…
B: It is also very difficult!
J: Yeah…


Here is the result…what belongs to who?
And how many points does Jonne achieved?




J: So it went all upsite down…
B: But three points!
J: Did I make a record? Less points ever?
C: Yeah!
J: So I dont know anything about woman…
B: You can learn!
J: (Laughing) I need to learn a lot…I know something about finnisch woman…but maybe not german…
B: But girls are allways the same!
J: But this was a funny game! It was even more fun than the cube…which we did last time!
B: Ok…we always try to find something new to keep it interesting for you and the fans!
J: I tried to imagine all those things…because I dont know you so well…
B: Ok! 

Last but not least, one more photo of Jonne and the Bra! ;-)


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved