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Report of Välispuistorock 07.08.2009

Last weekend Negative was performing at Välispuistorock in Lapua, Negative-Love has been there to keep you up to date with the latest news, photos and a gig review.

We arrived at the Välispuistorock in Lapua around 18 o’clock, it was a very warm day and the sun was burning my skin. There were two stages where different bands have played. Negative’s gig was planned for 23:45 at the main stage, almost 6 hours before,
the first row was filled with the Fans of Negative.

Before the fabulous five entered the stage
a lot of other Rock/Heavy and loud bands rocked their butts of.
Julian Toilet, Smokesuit, Karkaasu, Pelle Miljoona Unabomber,
Hole in one, Nicole, Liquid Society, Don Johnson Big band und Komedia Vulgaria

There have also been real true fans from far away, we met this two girls from Japan
(sorry your names got lost) they have been on holidays in Helsinki and decided
to see Negative playing in Lapua. They told us that Negative has lots of Fans in Japan too
and that they are really looking forward to the upcoming show in October
and for sure the new album too!

Finally after so many hours of waiting in the burning sun, Arska one of the stage technics
of Negative started to check the instruments and Mics at 23:30.

Only a few minutes and Negative would enter the stage to do one of the best shows they ever did!
Than the moment we all have been waiting for had come…
Jay first entered the stage and the girls started to scream their lungs of,
Snack and Antti followed and at least Larry and Jonne came out…
They started with “In my heaven” and “Devil on my shoulder” the crowd was getting wild,
to keep them coming down the next song was a little bit more soft “Fading yourself”.

The next five songs was: “Moment of our love”, “Giving up”

"My My Hey Hey"

"Sinners night Misty morning" and "Motherfucker just like you"

"After all", "Planet of the sun"

After they played “Frozen to loose it all” the guys went off and the crowd started
to scream for more! A few minutes later they got what the was asking for… “An Ornament”

When Negative started to perform their last Song for this evening “Won’t let go”
he people seemed to get crazy, the air was filled with high energies
and everyone was happy and satisfied!
One of the girls “Mila” from Seinäjoki told us that this gig was one of the best she ever
had seen of Negative and that she wanted to see them again as soon as possible!

Negative you rock!


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