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In the Eye of the Hurricane Release Gig

Finally the day had come, the long-awaited release gig was going to take place. The space before the stage was completely packed with people. To kill the time while waiting for the band, there were big screens on which parts of the DVD were shown, and I have to say the DVD is really a must-have for every Negative fan. If you haven't ordered it yet, do so now by clicking here!

It was 4 o'clock when the guys finally entered the stage, and after a short soundcheck they kicked of with 'In my heaven', followed by 'Frozen to lose it all'
and ' Planet of the sun'.

After that there was a short speach in Finnish from Jonne and Antti, which unfortunately we couldn't understand, but we assume they pointed out that people could buy the DVD on the opposite side of the square.

After the speach we had the pleasure to hear a new song; a wonderful ballad. After that 'Lost soul' followed, and with 'Naive' the gig came to an end. It was a very satisfying acoustic gig, even though it was much too short.
After the gig we went to the signing session. The waiting line before the tables seemed to be neverending. Still, the guys took the time for their fans and everyone got the signature they wanted.


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