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Valentine’s surprise!


Two weeks ago we had this special lottery for the Valentine’s Day! You had to send us
your address and we picked out nine people who got a special personal Valentine’s card!
Here you can read a little report about the making of the cards! 

A cold day in Tampere…it is Monday… -22°C…we arrive at our destination
totally frozen…first thought: „We need something hot!“
Few minutes later our wish comes true… Jonne enters the room!

A quarter too late...but we are glad to see him…thank him so much
for spending his time for this! He looks tired and also frozen…
a short visit at the bar to get something to drink, then we start … 

B: We would like to make some fans happy…

J: Ok…

B: In a few days we have Valentine’s Day and we had this idea
to send some fans a special Valentine’s card from you!
You can pick out the winners yourself!
(Puts the little papers with the names on the table)
We thought you could write the name of the winner in every card
and maybe something like „Happy Valentine’s Day!“
And to make it very special you could put a little kiss in each…if you’d like to do that!
(Offers him a lipstick) It is new, not used!

J: (Takes the lipstick) Ok…I never did this…

C: (offers him a mirror) It would help to see what you are doing!

J: Thanks! But I am doing only five cards with a kiss…so it is really special!

B: Ok!!

Then we started with choosing the winners, writing and kissing the cards!
And I have to say that it was a very cute view to watch Jonne kissing the cards
and putting on the lipstick! ;)


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved