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Here you can find interviews and other stuff with or about Negative!


Interview with Antti and Snack (Karlsruhe 07.10.10)

Interview with Antti and Snack (Porvoo 15.08.09)

Interview with Larry and Jonne (Lapua 07.08.09)

Interview with Larry (Hamburg 08.12.08)

Interview with Antti and Jonne (Tampere 26.08.08)

Interview with Jay and Jonne (Berlin 23.09.07)

Interview with Antti (Berlin 23.09.07)

Interview with Jonne and Snack (Magdeburg 14.09.07)

Interview with Antti and Larry (Tampere 17.08.07)

Interview with Jonne Aaron part 2 (Tampere 12.02.07)

Interview with Jonne Aaron (Berlin 03.11.06)

Interview with Larry and Christus (Cologne 12.02.06)


Report of Välispuistorock 07.08.2009

"In the Eye of the Hurricane" release gig

Fan Meeting in Dortmund


NGT Fans United for Christmas

First Official Fanmeeting in Karlsruhe

Joshua meets Antti

Christin meets Negative

The Test with Jonne Aaron

Valentine’s Surprise

Meet and Greet in Bochum

Negative meets Anne

Happy Birthday

Secret Autograph-Session

The Cube