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Today it's official in the news:

Sir Christus passed away!
We are heartbroken, sad and speachless.
You will be missed! We will never forget you Sir!
Rock on wherever you are! Always in our hearts!


Our deepest condolences goes to his family and loved ones!
So Sorry for your loss!

(Info taken from and

Negative are taking a break!!!

This interview was published in a magazine called Iltalehti 5th of February in 2013.
Jonne Aaron, the Vain elämää star, Rejected His Bandmates - Chose A Solo Career
 Jonne Aaron Focuses On Going Solo, His Band Was Dumbfounded By The Decision
 Last week, an important topic was brought to the table among the members of Negative: they'll take a year-lasting break from touring.
 Jonne Aaron's stardom is rising fast due to the success of Vain elämää show. The vocalist of Negative will publish his first Finnish album on spring and he's been booked to throw over 40 gigs already.
 Jonne Aaron had to bring the important topic on the table and let the band know the truth. Negative will take a break from touring. Jonne Aaron informed the audience about this on a gig in Friday. The last gig this year will be thrown in Salo 15th of March.
 - There was silence in the booth. They must have wanted to beat me up. We continued talking about things in a friend's wedding on Saturday and I believe that we'll gradually reach peace in this, Jonne describes.
 Jonne Aaron says that making the decision was hard for him and during the interview, his voice goes low every now and then.
 - Negative is my life's work and the biggest thing. I believe that the break will do good in all ways and we'll come back even sharper next year.
 Negative were supposed to throw a few gigs on summer but they are now cancelled.
 - The musicians will now have time for their families and hobbies. We've done this without breaks like crazy people for a long time.
 There's A Time For Everything
 Jonne Aaron says that his Finnish album and Negative's music are two different worlds and it isn't worthwhile to mix them. They have worked on Negative's next album and there are some ready songs. The album will be published next year because of the reasons stated above.
 - It's a big project and it won't be done in a few months.
 Despite the success of the Vain elämää show, Jonne Aaron has kept his feet on the ground. On the phone, there's the same sympathetic and smart young man as always.
 People have tried to get the TV show's stars back to the stage at least once again but the odds for it to happen barely exist.
 - If this is the end, then that's how it is, is all Jonne says about it.

 Jonne Aaron Solo Gigs 2013
 06. März 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Snellman-Sali Kokkola, Finland
 08. März 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Tampere-talo Tampere, Finland
 09. März 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Tampere-talo Tampere, Finland
 03. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Hullu Poro Areena Levi, Finland
 04. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Pirtukirkko, Äkäslompolo, Lappi
 06. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Nightclub Tähti Tampere, Finland
 13. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ The Circus Helsinki, Finland
 18. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Hullu Poro Areena Levi, Finland
 20. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Nightclub Tähti Oulu, Finland
 26. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Pakkahuone Tampere, Finland
 27. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Naantalin Kaivohuone Naantali, Finland
 30. April 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Vauhtiajot 10vuotta Juhlakonsertti, Finland
 10. Mai 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Amarillo Lohja, Finland
 14. Juni 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Saaristo Open 2013 Kaarina, Finland
 12. Juli 2013 Jonne Aaron @ Torin Rytmit Hyvinkää, Finland

Here is a video of Negative's new song from yesterdays gig @Virgin Oil!

New gigs!
15.06.2013 Negative @Ranua Zoo
Info and Tickets:

Jonne Aaron Solo Gigs:
03.04.2013 Jonne Aaron @Hullu Poro Arena in Levi
18.04.2013 Jonne Aaron @Hullu Poro Arena in Levi
Info and Tickets: aaron


Negative Website is offline at the moment!
Negative posted this Information on her Facebook Page some days ago:

"Unfortunately there is some kind of virus or something on our website,
and that's why it doesn't work right now.
There's people trying to fix it..we hope that it will work soon again.."

The new year starts with good news!
Jonne plans to release his Solo Album in Spring!


Negative Love wishes all Negative Fans a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Stay tuned and check out Negative's official homepage
for News of Negative Legion!!!

Jonne @ Radio Nova 11.12.2012

Jonne & Tommi @ Good Morning Finland (11.12.12)


Jonne acoustic in Lapland:

End of the line

Won't Let Go


Some fotos of Jonne can be seen >here<

Jonne @ Senssi Nightclub:

Interview with Jonne,Antti & Hata in Finnish from their recent acoustic gig at Särkänniemi

Photos of Negative's accoustic gig @Särkänniemi on 26.10.
can be found >here<

Watch Jonne on "Vain elämää" Show here:ämää/jonne-aaron

Jonne's day on Vain elämää show will be broadcasted on 9th November 2012
Don't forget to switch in ;)

screen caputure from nelonen tv

New Gigs added!

Promo 2012 (c) Jussi Kilponen

Jonne on a Finnish show starting today on TV4 (Only in Finland)ämää/jonne-aaron


If you haven't planned anything yet:
Negative @ GP 2012 (Grand Pappa Drag Race Nationals) (with Sarca , Doom Unit)
11. August 2012 in Kalajoki
Tickets available >here<

To remind you:
This is the latest Video of Negative "Love That I Lost":

Check out the Sideprojects of the other members of Negative
while waiting for Negative News:

Jupiter (Antti and Snack)  LoveMore (Larry Love)

Latest News Jonne Aaron plays guitar for another Finnish hip hop artist called
Janne Ordén .... Jussi Selo's (Uniklubi) sings melody/chorus.


Here is Jonne's duet with Finnish Rap artist "Cheek" alias Jare Tiihonen.
The song is called "Anna Mä Meen" and it's included
on Cheek's brand new album -Sokka Irti


Negative performing Believe at Idols (01.04.2012)


Here is a new video for the fans – Worthless 2.0


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