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   Interview with Jonne and Snack  
Magdeburg 14.09.2007
In Cooperation with
Thanxs to Caro!


You planned to go to studio soon! Recording is a very hard work, it takes a lot of  concentration and time...anyway you have to repeat again and again...what are you doing after a hard working day in the studio to keep the balance?


Snack: Actually it is not so hard! The job in the studio it is one of my favourite things to do! Create new music and stuff like this! When you are working you can’t think of anything else, your focused on the music…all the time in your head you hear some new sounds and voices…yeah but it is not so much hard work!


How many songs have you planed for the new album?


Jonne: We have many new ideas…like 15 or 16, don’t know exactly! We have tried already only one, one song!

Snack: Yeah one song! But we have a good feeling about that!

Jonne: Yeah! But there is no word yet…you know; only the melody…instrumental…I was singing nananana!


Will you also tour Germany after the release?


Snack: I think of course…yes!

Jonne: First plan was that we can come over here and bring the record out in spring. But let’s see what is gonna happen…cause the Dvd is coming out first! So I don’t know!

Snack: And we are still touring…

Jonne: We are going to China and Russia and hopefully there is touring some Italy…

Caro: And what about Spain? They are waiting for so long!
Jonne: Let’s see, I don’t know! I don’t wanna take too many things at the same time, because they are going to eat each other! As a band we are in some kind of turning point that we can start all over again!



You did this Queen Cover Song “Too much love will kill you” with your brother Ville and some other musicians, what do you think about doing some more songs in cooperation with other bands?


Jonne: Of course…YES!

Snack: And we have always done so…for example with Ville from Sentenced…

C: Yes…ok…

Snack: And then we have in Anorectic done it with Dave Lindholm, he is playing Guitar…

Jonne: It brings more perspectives…I would like to sing in finnisch, some day, some old traditional…just one song!

B: Maybe you should put it to the show, to see if the fans will like it!?

Jonne: Oh no…not to the show!


But you also like bands like Uniklubi?


Jonne: Yeah…but not like that…totally different, just like a old Finnish traditional!

Snack: Yeah…an old song!

Jonne: From the sixties! It is like therapy you know! Instead of touring or something!


What do you think about doing a song with both of your brothers?

Did you ever thought about something like this?


Jonne: Maybe in the future…

C: You will sing with them?

Jonne: It would be great! Tommi has…

Snack: Already we did it once! On Tommi’s birthday!

Jonne: Yeah on his birthday…he was singing the backing vocals…was it “My My Hey Hey”?

Snack: Yeah I think so!

Jonne: We played this song! He was on the stage…

C: He was on stage?

Jonne: Yeah he smashed a guitar!

C: That is Rock N Roll!

S+J: Yeah!

Jonne: He has a really great voice…really high…how did you say…he has a really high…

(aks something in finnisch)

Snack: C?

Jonne: He can sing really high! And it doesn’t sound bad! Probably one of those reasons why he bought this record label. So now he is able to release his own music!

Snack: Yeah! (Both of them smile)

C: And he can be his own manager, he can decide everything!

Snack: Yeah!


And what about you Snack, do you have any brothers and sisters?

Snack: Yes I have, I have a big sister and a big brother!


Jonne, you read this book about Robbie Williams,


Jonne: Yeah…Feel!

C: Yes!


Is he one of your idols?


Jonne: Yeah he is one of my heroes that exist! Still alive!

C: Have you ever met him?

Jonne: No, unfortunately not, but I have been in the same Radio station, this kind of small studio.

C: So you felt the vibes?

Jonne: Yeah…there was this…like a Teddybear but plastic…and there was all this autographs…but it would be nice to meet him!

C: What do you think about his way of life and his career?

Jonne: I think we all do have problems; we are all just human beings! There are no robots or machines. But some people don’t admit those problems, and some people don’t show it! When you are in this business, you have only a few secrets, you know what I mean?

C: Yeah!

Snack: And there is so much temptation that you can easily fell in problems!

Jonne: And when you are going bigger and bigger…I mean when you are getting more and more success…all this media and newspapers and magazines start to write…

B: Shit about you?

Jonne: Yeah!

B: I know…

Jonne: They try to search from the past…all this…

Snack: Pick up dirty things from the past!

Jonne: Yeah!

B: And everything is made to a rumour whatever it is they are using it for a big headline…

Jonne: Yeah!

Snack: And if they don’t have any news they pick something…

Jonne: And Robbie, he has had really this kind of rock n roll attitude, from the start with Take That. He was the bad boy! He seems like a nice person to make a duet with…



Snack, are there female musicians that you like very much?


Snack: Yeah…of course Madonna is one! I like this Ray of Light Album!

Janis Joplin…yeah I think Janis Joplin is the biggest artist that I like!

Jonne: Pink…Kylie Minouge…


So imagine you got the chance to spend one day with one of them,
and you should organize it, how would it look like?


Jonne: With Kylie?

C: Yeah! (Laughs) I can imagine…

Jonne: What would I do?


Snack looks at Jonne and they both starts to giggle

Silence for more than a minute they just looking at each other smiling!

Could it be that Jonne’s face is blushing a little bit?


B: (Need to laugh too because Jonne and Snack are looking at each other smiling but saying nothing!)


Jonne: Something nice…

C: Ok!

Jonne: I would probably start to lick her face! You know what I mean! (Big smile) (I’m not sure does he really mean her face? ;-))

C: Yeah!

Snack: If I could be with Janis Joplin I just would be playing piano and she would be singing…just jamming!


If you got the chance to be someone else for one day, who would you like to be?


Jonne: Elvis Presley! Because I curiously would like to know how it is to play in this so called heavenly orchestra! Is there gonna be this everlasting chance! Going on somewhere!

C: Ok but have you ever thought about being someone normal, not famous? Not playing in a band?

Jonne: No…if you will get that feeling you can stop doing music and go to work in some Hamburg or whatever…you know what I mean!

C: Yeah I know! Ok…I think our time is over!


Thank you for your time!



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