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The 2. interview with Jonne Aaron!
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   Interview with Jonne Aaron part 2  
Tampere 12.02.2007



About You 

If your life were made a movie, who should play your role?

J: I would say…Tom Hanks! My life is like “Forest Gump”, do you know the movie?
B: Yes I know the movie!
J: So, in that way! But with my story it would be Scarlett Johansson.
C: Your role?...Ok!
J: Yeah! No, just kidding! Probably Jared Leto! He is a good actor!
C: Yeah, I think that would fit! 

If you had the choice to create your own perfect Valentines day…
how would it look like?

J: I wouldn’t change the Valentines day because I like it like it is!
C: So what would you do? Like romantic things?
J: Ahh…romantic things! Romantic definitely…yeah…romantic and a little bit naughty!
Lots of presents…
There need to be this kind of…you know…rules that you have to keep…something like…less than three presents/persons and stuff like that! I don’t know!
A lot of presents and romantic things!
B: Rain of roses?
J: Yeah, something like that…with myself! (laughing)

Does money play an important role in your life? Would you like to be a millionaire?

J: It is like a cup of coffee to me…I can’t say cup of coffee because I don’t drink coffee anymore…but it is like tea! Money is like tea…you need that to make something with yourself! I am not that kind of person who is making a competition between the neighbors who is having biggest car or the best house or whatever…just necessary object!
B: So you don’t have to be a millionaire?
J: No it is not my goal! Money is nice because that if you are having money, you are able to do things you have always been dreaming of!
B: You have less sorrow when you have money…
J: That depends!
C: You can be happy without money!
J: I have been always very broke! I didn’t have money when I was a teenager! I used to work a lot for money; I was cutting grass in the summer…so now in these days I get a little bit better pay than in teenager times! So I am able to go out for dinner with my friends and stuff like that…you know…that is positive! And I like to watch a lot of movies…so I can go to cinema whenever I want!

Do you have any wishes for the New Year? Some things that you would like to do or achieve?
Or maybe some things in your life that you would like to change?

J: I would like to be…I wish that this year…you mean this year?
B: Yeah, this year!
J: Ok this year. I will be more stable with myself and I would like to find a balance between Negative and my…
B: Private life?
J: Yes private life! It is like…I am trying to be a better person, to my friends and to everybody. And especially to myself! Because it is like “Reflections”, you know! The most important thing is to stay honest to yourself and that is how you will be a better friend to yourself and for example to your friends. And I wish a lot of success also…for the band…Health and everything…
B: Ok…next one?
J: You are already bored!?
B: No, not really!
C: As long as you are not bored everything is alright!
J: No, I am not!  



Is there a special song you would like to listen to while having sex?  

J: Yes! Rebel Yell…by Scooter! (Laughs)
B: (Laughing very much)
J: You know the version of scooter?!

Is there a special song that reminds you of a beautiful moment?

J: There are many of them! For example…Scooters “Rebel yell”
B: (laughing) Ok…then we know that moment too!

What is your favorite sex position?  

J: I like Doggy style…but I have to say that I also like that when the girl is…you know…
B: Sitting?
J: Sitting on me…cause I am a bit lazy…if I am tiered I like that…it depends…sometimes I like to…
C: Be dominant?
J: See her eyes…you know…just take connection…eye contact…it depends…sometimes rougher is better…but I am more like romantic! 

Did you ever try any sex toys?

J: Yes I have! But it is like I been there not with myself, but with a girl! 

What do you think about having Sex in a church…maybe on the altar with lots of candles around? How does the imagination feel for you, do you think that this would be blasphemic or more a romantic moment…maybe like…sacrifice of love? 

B: Oh no…it is the question with the church!
J: I can say right away that I think it would be too pervert…I know that it is a room of god…and you know that it might feel too weird for me if I know that I am surrounded by…you know…
C: Yeah, but god says men and woman should have sex…that is natural!
J: Yeah, it is natural but I would never try that to me it is a too personal place for that…anywhere else than altar!
Where do these questions come from? Are these yours?
C: Yes!
B: No, but not all!
J: You are pervert people!
C: (To B:) You are not, we are!
J: Weird people!
B: Really?
J: No, in a good way…goofy people…of course it is not too serious to me…but it is like…it is not one of the things I am thinking of when I am having sex with myself…”Ohhh in a church…”
C: Not really!
(laughing) Than maybe not on the altar…
in this small cabin where you tell the preacher all the bad things you have done…

J: Ahhh ok…there it might work…
B: (laughing)
J: Because I am so small…it is too personal thing to me like having sex in front of you mother! Having sex in a church…whatever…
B: Like somebody is watching me!
J: Some kind of excitement you know…having sex in a public place, it is like…I had sex in a toilet of a bar…

Could you imagine having sex on stage during the show…
maybe behind a paper wall? 

J: You mean behind a flag? Why not…but I don’t see it is necessary because I like the show as itself so much that…of course maybe in a backstage…behind a flag…yeah…behind a paper wall…but not on stage…if you are waiting maybe with some band members!



Do you believe in love at first sight? And did it ever happen to you? 

J: Yes, in my case it is like…ahh…what I have gone through with myself, I need to say that I believe in love at first sight…it is like…but I believe also in love with a person who you have known for a long time.
Friendship can turn into a love…whatever…
B: Yes that could happen!
J: Yes I do believe…I have some friends who have been together since they were teenagers… I do believe…I need to believe! 

What are the three most important things for you which make
a relationship / friendship work?

J: Trust, Honesty…(thinking) and caring! 

Is there any characteristic that you really hate about women?

J: Maybe too proud woman makes me…or too…if somebody thinking that she is so cool…
C: Arrogant?
J: Yeah…arrogant…a little bit rude…somebody’s thinking that she is….
B: Much higher than anyone else?
J: Maybe these kinds of people making me take a few steps back!
I like woman…and drunken woman…who are like…I don’t like that! 

When you think about the future, would you like to have children?
And if yes, how many children would you like to have and which names
would you like the most for your children? 

J: Ahhh…I need to say now that I…at the moment I…Neagtive takes the most time of my life and I am in that way really selfish to my self cause I am sacrificing lot of time for the band…but since I have been a little boy I've been dreaming about having a family one day and being a good father…so yes…somewhere in the future hopefully I am able to be that kind of person! Because to me…I am 23 years old and it still really difficult to take care of myself!
C: I know what you mean!
J: I need to learn to take care of myself and after that I am ready to think about having a family and probably this!
C: But what names would you choose than?
J: Which names? A girl would be nice “Rosa” something like that…for a boy…it would be definitely some international name…not anything finnish like…
(telling lots of finnish names)
C: Ville?
B: Oh No!!!
J: No Ville!!! I Have already a little brother…
C: One in the family is enough!
J: I don’t want anymore Villes! One is enough! Probably something like Johannes…I don’t know…George…Ron…Ron…Ron Moss…you know him?
I don’t know….something beautiful…
B: I mean you have to see the baby before you can choose a name!
J: Most important thing is the view! 

Did you ever change diapers?

J: I used to work in a kindergarten and there were from 3-5 and 5-7year old children and I was working with the 5-7, so I wasn’t able to change any diapers!
B: I think in Germany children have to be able to go to toilet
before they are allowed to go to the Kindergarten!
C: You have to be 3 years old to go there!
J: Ok…but there are also younger children…
C: How is this called…Krippe? Before Kindergarten…
don’t know how that is called in English…
J: Maybe it is hospital...(laughing)…where they do the birth…
where they came out of the mother…no just kidding…
Diapers…maybe when I am having children…
I think it feels so far away as I told you already… 

What do you think about abortion? 

J: Ahhh…I believe that everybody is her own masters so they can make their own decisions about these kind of things…in my case I wouldn’t do that!
B: You can’t do that!
J: Yeah…but if I am having for example…I don’t know…it depends…if I am with somebody in love and having a deep relationship…I could not imagine to have abortion…but I don’t know…to me it is so natural thing but maybe after a one-night-relationship…you know…having sex with somebody and have a child! 

What do you think about transsexual people?

J: I think they are cool…fine…just like anybody else…it is like it doesn’t bother me if somebody is different…no matter… color skin…religion…nation or anything…
B: If we all would be the same it would be boring…
J: Yeah…that makes the world so colorful!

Thank you for this Interview and for spending your time with us!

We thank Silke and Jonne so much
for giving us the chance to do this interview!


Finally an excerpt from Toxica's worldly wisdoms: ;)

"Now, aren't these good closing words?
So, on this note... stay  yourselves and don't let others tell you what you should be like!
The most important thing is that you're happy... no matter how...
your friends will accept you the way you are without demanding that you change!
If there are people who have a problem with you or the way
you behave they should maybe just withdraw from your life!
Because if they are true friends there's nothing they desire more
than seeing you happy, you should always remember that!
Take the liberty to be yourselves and to fulfill yourselves the way you consider right, whatever that may mean! Go your own way and believe in yourselves!"


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved