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   Interview-game with Jay und Jonne  
Berlin 23.09.07

This Interview-game was a cooperation with!
Unfortunally the website is not up to date!
So we decided to publish the interview here!


You want to make a short holiday, money doesn’t matter!
Where do you like to spend your time?

1. Safari in Kenia
2. On a sailing ship
3. Adventure holidays in Australia
4. Action in Las Vegas USA
5. Relaxing on the beach
6. Having fun in Disneyland

Jonne: I would pick this one…relaxing on the beach.
Britta: Malediven?
Jonne: Yeah Malediven!
Jay: I pick this, Action in Las Vegas

Christus entered the room, looks at the pink striped string
which we gave Jonne as a present, and says something in finnisch!


Which of these jobs should have the most respect?

1. Musician on the street
2. Housewife
3. Fireman
4. Doctor
5. Photographer
6. Croupier in a casino

Jonne: For all of them there is a place, but that is communicated…
Jay: I will pick this two, Fireman and Doctor because they save lifes!
Jonne: I would pick them too, but I take a third one, musician because it brings therapie for the people and joy.


In your opinion, how does the perfect place to make love look like?

1. Whirlpool
2. Cuddly sofa
3. Calm Villa at Ibiza
4. Ordinary bed
5. Romantic framehouse
6. Ski lodge in the snow

Jonne: I would pick this, whirlpool. (takes another card, and says something in finnisch to Jay) I don’t know, you know anything soft.
Jay: Yeah! They are all different places.
Jonne: But sometimes it is nice to have sex on top of a washing machine. (imitates the shaking washing machine and makes the same sound) (everybody laughs)
B: Yes that is true.
Jay: I would pick this, ordinary bed!

Dinner for two:

You want to invite the girl of your dreams to have a romantic dinner for two!
What are you going to cook?

1. Fish
2. Vegetable soup with beef
3. Pizza
4. Spagetti Bolognese
5. Ice with hot rasperries
6. Vanille Creme with strawberries

Jay: Fish actually!
Jonne: I wish I could do all of them…
Britta: But you are not able?
Jonne: Unfortunately I am not that good in cooking, so I would pick noodles!
Britta: This is the easiest one!
Jonne: Yes!
Jay: In just two minutes!


When I started to put the cards on the table they started to laugh and Jonne points on one of the pictures and it seems that he gets exited!

In which of those situations would you like to be right now?

1. Fishing
2. At an amusement park
3. Picknick at the beach
4. Watching the sunset
5. Alone having a bubble bath
6. In an erotic Situation

Jonne: Is this flirting?
Jay: Can you repeat the question?
Britta: Yes, in which of those situations would you like to be right now?
Jay: (points at one picture) This! (In an amusement park)
Jonne: Bullshit! (Laughing) (Points at the one with the butt) That one!
Jay: No!
Jonne: Probably this one (bubble bath) or this (erotic/flirting situation)!


Which animal would you like to own?

1. Dolphin
2. Monkey
3. Eagle
4. Butterfly
5. Leopard
6. Koala

Jonne: An eagle!
Britta: Ok…and you?
Jonne Eagle or Leopard…
Jay: Maybe that one also! (Points at the leopard)
Jonne: It would be nice to go out with that one!
Britta: But from the view it would more fit to Christus!


What do you think where could you live happy?

1. Wigwam
2. Amsterdam – swimming Farm
3. House on a Island
4. French country House
5. Villa Costa Rica
6. Farm

Jay: What is this house in France?
Britta: I think it is a farm!
Jay: There is no neighbourhood!
Jonne: Our guitarists and Snack…and Antti…the rest of our band would choose Amsterdam, but I would take the house on the island. I have some kind of obsession for this…you know, crystal clear…water and sand…
Jay: What is this?
Britta: This is a villa at Costa Rica!
Jay: I choose France!


You have to stay one night all alone outside!
Where would you feel safe?

1. Beside the lake
2. Avenue with trees
3. Primeval forest
4. Lonely Island
5. Country road
6. Church

Jonne: Of course here…there is warm! (Strand)
They all look beautiful, not in the jungle!
Jay: It is too dangerous!


Which of those pictures symbolize the word „Erotic“ for you?

1. Feather
2. Candellight
3. Breasts/ Naked skin
4. Massage with essential oil
5. Strawberries with cream
6. Whip/Lash and handcuffs

Jay: Strawberries with cream!
Jonne: All of them!
Britta: All together?
Jonne: It doesn’t have to be candlelight…but massage it can be very erotic.
And good food can be very erotic too.

Ok Thank you we finished the game!

Jay, on stage you are in the background…
have you ever wanted to get more attention?
Or do you feel glad about not standing in the „spotlight“?

Jay: No, I am fine in the background.
Britta: Ok!
Jay: I really enjoy

How long do you have to train drumming every day?

Jay: Actually I am not training every day. Every third day but not every day…three or four hours a day!

Jonne, according to your song “In my heaven”,
what will “your heaven” look like?

Jonne: It looks like on the stage, maybe that is my heaven!

And have anyone of you ever been close to death?

Jonne: What?
Britta: Have anyone of you ever been close to death?
Jonne: Ah Death…Yeah I have been once, I remember I was around five years old, and I have…you know my parents and me neither didn’t know yet that I had asthma…and all the flowers were blooming and it was middle summer in Finland…and we went to my grandma’s place and spend some holidays there. You know we went to sauna and just like that I felt like really sick and I couldn’t breathe and I felt like very sleepy and I needed to get rest. I went upstairs and I want to get some sleep, I fell asleep and I can’t remember anything. My father slapped me awake, I was totally purple and my face was blue.
Britta: I know how that feels, not being able to breathe!
Jonne: They drove me to hospital and they put me that… (Tries to show what they did because he don’t know the word)
Britta: Oxygen mask?
Jonne: Yes! From that on I use this medication. But now it is getting better, it was worse, but it is getting better because I quite smoking and stuff like that. (To Jay) What about you?
Jay: No I don’t know because…
Jonne: Hey! Yes once on stage!
Jay: No it wasn’t serious!
Jonne: No I don’t mean your heart! He has a bad heart!
Do you remember I had a very heavy microphone stand!
It was like two times of me!
(to Larry) Do you remember?

Larry: (nodd)
Jonne: And I can remember I was doing like this! (Imitates swinging the microphone stand)
And let it go. And it went like 40 centimetres close to Jay’s head, it was really heavy! It was very serious.
Jay: Yes it was close!

Ok. our time is over! Thank you very much!

We thank Steffi to give us the possibility to publish the interview on this homepage!


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved