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Interview with Antti Anatomy!
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   Interview with Antti Ė Berlin 23.09.07  
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Finally we got it Ė we ( Antti, Caro, Joshua and me ) are sitting in Berlin
in Day Elevenís room. A pretty happy Jonne is passing - while singing - our door and our sympatical chat partner with these unmistakably shining-red dreads is also everything else as a child of sadness. After a couple of photos and autographs of and with Antti for our apparently untenable excited Young Ė Fan Joshua 9 years!
We are starting our interview:

Kristin: Hei Antti, I am Kristin and you already know Joshua and Caro.
Antti: Hei!
K.: Ok ... at first I want you to fill in these sheet of paper.
A.: Yeah, ok .
K.: Here you can find your band memberís names including yours and
you shell try to describe each one with two words which fit.
And in addition....šhmmm, well Ė you can read...for sure you can! (laughter)
A.: Oh, puh ... thatís hard !

Then Antti draws - as desired - a self portrait and he tries to do it as good
as he can especially as he concerned at his hair.
Finally he comments the whole thing with:
A.: ńhmmm, yeah ... as you can see I am a very bad drawer. ( laughter )

Now he sets his signature under his masterpiece
and thatís the starting signal for the actual questions.

K.: Ok, letís start... Tonight is your last gig here in Germany on this tour.
How has it been so far?
A.: Itís been really great...itís always nice to come back here. Itís getting more and more...I mean itís great to see that more and more people are coming to see our shows. You know, we had some gigs here now and I personally feel like this would be the first one...we will fly back to Finland tomorrow and I would like to stay longer for touring here Ė one month or something like that.
Our shows were really good Ė yes, everything has been great!
K.: You have been in many citys here now Ė do you have one city
you like the most?
A.: ńhmm, we donít have much freetime to go out to see the citys. Everywhere we go we wake up in the bus and then we have meet&greets and interviews and things like that and then comes the sound-check and after that sometimes even more interviews and after the show we have to go straight back to the bus, because we are living there at the moment and have to drive to the next city. So itís always the same again and again and thatís why we donít have so much time. But when I have a bad day I try to go out to some nice place. But anyway Ė itís great to be here in Berlin or also in Bochum Ė that has been always very good Ė the audience was always great and really loud and so on. And also Leipzig,
but on this tour itís not on the plan and I donít know why.
Caro: But yesterday was very good too.
A.: Yes, thatís true.
K.: You were talking about living in the bus Ė I can imagine, that this not always part of the ďRock n Roll Ė DreamĒ this driving from city to city and from gig to gig.
What are the positive and the negative sides of touring?
A.: I personally really like that we are living in the bus. You can relax there after the shows or have fun and if you are tired you can go upstairs to sleep. Itís more uncomplicated as in a hotel. So for me there are no real negative sides. Well, maybe except the situation when you want to sleep cause you are really tired and you canít get any even if you wanted Ė that sucks but thatís not so often.
K.: How is it after a gig Ė are you guys talking about how it has been and are your opinions always the same or are they in the opposite always different so that for example you say that it has been great and Jay says that you guys totally sucked?
A.: Oh, thatís funny because normally itís so that the band says it has been great and our crew says later that we really sucked and also otherway around. ( laughter) Thatís funny when you personally felt totally different. Yeah, I donít know why itís always like that. But between the band members the opinions are actually always the same. However Ė it can happen that I think that it has been really good but Jay doesnít because everybody hears the sound different through these ear-monitors.
K.: Ok, what is the first thing you do right after stage?
A.: I take my ear-monitors out and then I change my clothes cause I am sweating a lot everytime and then I drink some beers while we are talking about
the gig Ė about what happened and how it has been.
And we try to come down but that takes a long time.
K.: Yes, I can imagine.
A.: You know , after a show there is so much adrenalin in your blood that if you try for example to read a book you will see that this is just impossible.
Itís hard to describe but thatís how it is.
K.: Do you personally go to visit a lot of concerts in your freetime?
For example I remember that I have seen you in Tampere at this Tammerfest
at the Apulanta Ė concert at ďpakkahuoneĒ.
A.: Oh yes, when we are in Tampere and there are playing bands
we like, we usually go there.
Many of my friends are plaiing in a band and I like to be with them at a gig...itís really relaxing if you donít have to play and you can enjoy and have just a good time. Itís like that with Uniklubi Ė a band in Finland.
K.: Yeah, I know . ( smile )
A.: Yeah, thatís fun .
K.: So, you are plaiing the bass guitar Ė what fascinates you about it?
What is the special thing for you?
A.: I try to train myself. One of my idols is Cliff Burton, Metallicaís first bass player who died 1986 in Sweden. He used to take parts out of the classic music and to integrate them to metal. That sound pretty good in my ears and I wish
that one day I will be such half as good as he has been.
K.: Yeah, I know what you mean.
A.: Yes, thatís my wish.
K.: Ok, unfortunately the time is over.
Thatís why I suggest that we are taking some pictures together now.
A.: Oh, yes , of course Ė sure !
K.: Itís so harm that we donít have more time Ė I had a lot more good questions.
A.: Yes, thatís really a short time. I am sorry for that.

Then we took some pictures together and Antti was searching Christus for Joshua but unfortunately he was sleeping in the bus but so he was looking for the other band members and our Young Ė Fan had the chance to meet Jonne,
Jay and Larry for a short chat and more pictures and autographs.
And as we were already going Antti was calling :
A.: So, thank you very much!
K.: Yes, I thank you too and wish you and the guys a great remaining tour!
A.: DankeschŲn ( yes, he said it in german and it was so cute ) ...bye !

Thank you so much Antti for your effort and time
to answer our questions! What a sympatical man!
Also a lovely thank to all who made this interview possible!


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