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   Interview with Antti & Snack  
Karlsruhe 07.10.2010

Britta: Hei, hei.
B: You've got the questions.
Stefan: Ich hab die Fragen.
Antti (to Stefan): You're doing the interview?
B: We both.
A: Okay.
B: Yeah, we would like to know: Did you like the tour until now?
Which gig was the best?
A: Tour, so here in Germany?
B and St: Yeah.
A: Germany, it's been really really nice. What did you ask, what was best?
B: Which gig did you like the most?
A: Ah, I don't know, I think, ah, Berlin was really good and Bochum.
Snack: Yes, Bochum yesterday.
St: But the rest, too. Liked Bochum, Berlin, Cologne.
S: Yeah.

St: So did you had any time for sightseeing or something?
We know that you had a day-off in Hamburg.
S: Yeah, yeah a little bit just wandering around Reeperbahn.
St: Only the important stuff like Reeperbahn.
S: Yes.
St: All the shops and things, nothing special.
S: No, not so. Relaxing and this kind of stuff.
St: And what about today? Did you had time today for a bit walking around?
A: No, no. We came here, had a photoshooting session,
we did the soundcheck, we did an interview, and then dinner time
and a little bit, maybe one hour relaxing time and then show time
and after show we start to drive to the next town.
St: So and tomorrow you got another day off.
A & S: Yeah.
St: So I guess you won’t do any sightseeing tomorrow,
because next gig is in Herford.
S: Yes, yeah I heard that it's quite quiet.

St: Yeah it is. So, have there been any curious things on this tour so far?
Anything that happened, anything special like funny stuff
on the bus or anything that you might share with the fans?
A & S: (they discuss something in finnish)
A: Nothing comes to my mind.
S: (again finnish talking)
A: What?
S: This truck driver.
A: What?
S: This truck driver.
St: Tell us.
A & S: still discussing
A: Oh yeah, yes! Oh yes! We stopped by yesterday, well we were,
it was in middle of night or maybe morning time or something
and we stopped somewhere, it was gas station over there
and then there's this big trucks, middle of the gas station
just probably the drivers are sleeping there, you know, at this cars,
motors are off. So yeah we stopped and then this some truck,
pretty close to us, and there was this driver
and lights on and he was wanking.
St: He was wanking inside? Alright.
S: He didn't see us.
A: He didn't see us, but we saw him, because he got on the lights.
St: And did you like it or not?
A: But he was like, we were watching through the window,
it was like this, like, I think he had some,
might have some magazine or something like that.
S: Or computer.
A: Or something there and then we just smoked our cigarettes
and like laughed our
S: (finnish), then went back to the bus and we started continue.
St: Kind of weird.
A: Yeah, we left him. So that was funny.
St: Think so, it's quite funny.
A: So everything, you see, this funny stuffs and funny things
happening all the time, but you don't remember those like after
you know 5 minutes, because it happens all the time, the tour is so long.

St: Another thing... I think it was in Bochum,
Jonne told on stage that he has lost his Neon-shoes
in a hotel or something, maybe you remember?
So that is another question we might ask you,
does some of you lost something or maybe anything got broken?
Like you told me Antti your nice belt was broken...
A: Ahhh yeah!
S: My necklace! (shows the broken necklace) so always little things.
Or some shirts missing...that happens all the time!
It is like being in a war you loose some tools...
A: I haven't lost anything so far on this tour, quite a miracle!

B: I would like to know,
which song from the new CD Neon took the most time recording it?
A: Celestial Summer was one of the longest because we had to put
those speeches... that's why it took longer time than the other songs,
not necessary, because it is so hard to play or difficult to record.
But there was this talking shit of this legendary Rock 'n' Roll stars
who has died.
St: It took you so long to put this part into the song so that it fits?
A and S: Yes!
A: But yesterday we were just listening those all on the computer...
I think it was Larry's computer or Jonne's...this old demos - some of
the songs which came on the Neon album...  yesterday in the backstage after show we were listening those demos.
There is a lot of different what you don't hear on the record
and we don't play them live.
So if you actually hear it like yesterday we did it was pretty weird.
S: was this so slow? Yeah it was! Listening yeah but...
St: So the demos have been quite different from...
A: Some of them, for example "No One Can Save Me Tonight"
 it was totally different. The C Part, the quite C part
the chore you different!
St: Is there a song you would like to do for a soundtrack?
For any kind of movie?
S: Yeah.
St: Maybe what kind of movie would you choose to do a soundtrack for?
If you ever get the chance and someone asks you for...
A: No we would do it for any kind of movie.
S: We would love to do that for a movie! Well, let's see.
B: Which song from the new album is most difficult to play live on stage?
A: We haven't actually played all of them yet, so it is impossible to say.
We have maybe played half of them, maybe a little bit more.
Mh, but "Since You've Been Gone" is quite fast and lots of riffs are going on all the time. And so far it's the fastest one and it is the tightest one.

St: Would you like to do some kind of collaborations or features
with any other musicians from Finland or international ones?
One of you guys? That you might would like to work
with some other boys or girls from other bands?
A: Yeah
S: Actually Antti has done.
A: Yeah I have actually done...
St: Tell us!
A: Ahhh, this finnish punkrock band called "Klamydia", they have also toured in Germany at least 1994 or something with a german band called...erm...fuck, I forget the name of the band! Maybe you know it?
St: It is quite a long time ago...
A: Yeah..."Die Lokalmatadore" was the band! They have toured here
in Germany also...This punkrock band Klamydia they released a many years carrier - they put the collection album out where was some songs and some live and then there was their songs performed by other artists. Many of them are speakers or comedians themselves you might know
one of them... Darude... he was working on the version I did and then
there was Christus at the moment and me
and a few guys from Private Line...
St: I think I know the album...
A: Singer, guitar player and drummer from there... we did this
Klamydia song "Narkkarirakkautta" what means Junkies Love,
and we translated it into english and it is on the Klamydia album
and the song is "Junkies Love" by our version!
That was a nice and funny session... one day totally wasted
at the studio. And I have heard afterwards
that it is one of the favorites of the Klamydia guys.
ST: They have told you?
A Yeah! They have played it one time at the radio in Finland also.
Because the album went to the charts they had to play one song
so they chose this.
St: So there was no single from that album,
because it was some kind of Best Of album and so
they had to choose one song? And they choose the one you attended?
A: Yeah.

St: Alright. What about the "Jealous Sky" video?
People want to know if it maybe comes out during the next weeks?
A: It is already filmed but it is not cut... it is not ready.
S: And we didn't even see it.
St: So maybe you can tell us about the topics, what is it about?
A: Mostly it is just pretty much hanging around video...
we filmed on our rehearsal place when we are playing the song
and when we are not playing the song just having a party with few girls. People are just hanging and playing and doing whatever.
And then there is gonna be some pictures from studio
where we recorded the album, or at least that has been the plan
and maybe some live photo shootings from somewhere.
St: So there is nothing like a story like at the "End Of The Line" video?
A: No it is not a story video.
B: Something different!
A: Yeah!
St: So your rehearsal room and you working there?
A: Yeah!
B: Did there happen any strange things while recording?
A: No, because we have been in our rehearsal place
it was relaxed because it is like our second home.

St :Antti, before Christus has left the band you didn't really had
your own "space" on stage you have been running around somewhere
in the middle...since Christus has left the band you have your own "space" at the stage. Your own mic and so on... now you have the chance
to say something or doing some backing you like this?
A: Yeah, it is a chance...I mean when Christus left we actually thought
that in many many different areas what should be done there or there...
You know for the parts... like I am not singing backing vocals
or something, but we just thought it might be something different
and also for example if we want to say something to each other
on stage it is impossible to hear. If you try to yell...
B: Yeah because of this InEar...
A: Yes, because we have this InEar monitors, so you actually
have to say it to the micro if you want your friends to hear it.
S: And Antti is always talking a lot so...
St: Interrupting all the time.
A: Yeah if something comes to your mind.
Like here in Germany if I say "Bitteschön".
B: You had learned German in school?
A: Yes (laughing) but 10+. (all laughing)

St: What about those new merchandise stuff,
who had the idea for the bikinis, hotpants, strings and so on?
Has it been some of you guys?
A: Erm...yeah it is always from the band...normally, I think
the bikini stuff maybe Jonne was... I mean it is not the first time
we have those. We used to have I remember this strings with
"Love is right here" some years ago. But now the new ones are available.
St: You had worn the bikini in Berlin.
A: Yeah, Yeah.
ST: But it is one size, it doesn't fit everyone.
A: I don't know it one size?
B: Yes it is.
A: Oh ok.
B: What about making a calendar from the band for your merchandise?
I am sure that lots of fans would like to buy it!
A: Our record company haven't done those...
B: The band had this idea, too, but...
A: Yes we have planned it like six years, but still you don't see those...
B: So many people ask for calendar or things like this.
That's why I was wondering why there is nothing like this.
A: Me, too, I have wondered that six years.
B: Maybe you should do a photo shooting for a calendar
where you wear your own merchandise...
St: Yeah like your own promo for your merchandise.
A: Yeah! Bikini!

B: Antti, what about new tattoos?
Do you have something new or maybe something in planning?
A: I haven't planned a new one for a while...
St: What has been your last one?
A: (thinking) maybe...
St: Maybe a secret one?
A: (shows the tattoo on his side) I think this one was the last.
I would like to have some tattoos here in Germany also.
Actually I would like to have one tattoo in every country we visited.
So after 20 years I would have many many memories.
Like this chinese one that I had made in China.
ST: So you would like to have one tattoo here in Germany
that has to do with Germany?
A: Yeah of course...Bratwurst and a Beer!
B: Yeah...haha...I just thought the same!
St: Bratwurst and Beer?
A: Like the rich devil that is keeping beer in one hand and
Bratwurst in the other! And spit this out of his mouth
and a german football shirt. Yes a German football shirt!

St: What about your hair, we thought about it, is it hard for you to wash it?
A: No.
B: How long does it take to wash it?
A: Not that long, like other people had to. It is really easy,
that is why I keep it. I am washing it maybe once in a month,
it depends how much...on tour when we had gigs after gigs after gigs...
after night after night...I wash it a little bit more but usually two times
a month is enough. So it is quite easy actually. And you don't have
to put this...things in it. Shampoo or Conditioner or things
to make it look healthier and so on...
St: What about the color?
Did you ever thought about changing it? Years ago you had it dark...
A: Yeah, but no! (laughing)
I might have thought about it sometimes...yellow...
B: Yellow (not believing), NEON green!
A: Light green...
St: Or when you are in Germany black, yellow and red!
What about your family, what did they say about your hair?
Your parents or grandparents?
A: They don't like it at all! Well it is like grandparents,
most of them already died. And my father, he is actually quite nice
he doesn't mind. But my mom she kind of hates it.
St: So you always wear a hat when you visit her?
A: No (grinning).
St: Your mom got used to it?
A: Yeah.

St: Another question that came to my mind!
There is this Bloodpit video that you did with the guys. Where you acted...
Did you ever thought about a second career as an actor?
A: Ahh they just asked me and this other singer Jussi from Uniklubi.
Just could you guys come to our video cause we need some...
first of all they asked Jussi to drive a car and we need some partner
for there... they didn't want to drive by themselves so Antti would be
a great partner. And so they asked can you come to the video?
Do I checked the schedule what there is to do
and if I can it was not planned...
St: How long did it take you? The shooting?
A: One day!
St: And you had to be there the whole time?
A: Mhh...I was pretty drunk at this time so actually I am not sure
how many hours I spend there. I just remember that actually the director
of the video, whoever he was, he started to be pretty pissed off at the end of the shootings, because I was so fucking wasted that anything that he tried to tell me or say to me like how to do or whatever to do walk there
or be here or whatever... I just forgot it in five seconds. And I fucked it up. And we were already out of the schedule...he started to be in pressure
of the whole thing. That is the only thing I remember. But it was fun
and nice! Nothing that I have planned or that I am gonna choose now
as a career. Always nice to work with your friends!
St: You both guys in the video were quite funny... but at the end
people don't really recognize that you have been so wasted!
A: Yeah they cut it, they only used the sober parts
which was filmed in the first 30 minutes.

St: In Bochum I talked to Jonne
and he said that there is a plan to shoot a new Live DVD next year.
A: Yeah...
St: We would like to know
if there are any kind of plans if it will really happen next year.
A: We don't have any plans it is just open...wouldn't it be cool,
we were wondering, and let's try to see if it is possible...
Nothing is yet decided. But it would be a good option...but you see
we are planning a lot of things all the time. Just what comes to our minds. That could be nice and a good thing to do. And that is something that
we don't even had talked about with the record company or productions
or crew or with anybody. It is just three days ago that actually the idea came to our own minds. And now we are start to... hopefully...,
because it would be nice to do!
St: And for the fans it would be nice, too!
I am sure you have lots of backstage stuff for the DVD, too!
A: Yeah I think we have.
B: And the band had thought about an acoustic tour?
A: Yeah that is also one idea! We don't know when but it would be nice
to do that kind Nirvana! This kind of setup and some different arrangement of songs and maybe different instruments.
B: Yeah that would be a great idea.
I think HIM did this album with different versions of their songs?
A: Yes they did.
B: You have done this report for MTV Finland,
you don't know yet if it will be on German TV, too?
A: This report for MTV? They did it some weeks ago,
I don't know if it is coming up on only finnish TV
or worldwide MTV... Or Europe...that I don't know!
B: But MTV didn't ask you to do an acoustic show yet?
A: No.
B: That would be nice...
S: Yes that would be nice.
B: We have this german music televison, VIVA, some time ago
they had some kind of acoustic live show, too.
I don't know if they still would be a nice option, too!
A: Yes! Oh I would like to send some greetings to the fans and people
who read this! And also to this girl who gave me this t-shirt
between the show. Some fangirl...
B: I remember her, she was standing right next to me!
A: Extra thanks to this girl who gave me this shirt: "I am the bassist"!
B: Would you like to do a short video for the fans?
A: Yes!


B: OK, at least we have brought something for you!
St: You have to figure out which of the "hearts" belongs to whom!

We gave them 5 gingerbread hearts with following writings:

"Süßer Teufel" ---> "Sweet Devil"
"Oma's Liebling" ---> "Granny's darling"
"Kleiner Träumer" ---> "Little Dreamer"
"Superbärchen" ---> "Superbear"
"Flotte Biene" ---> we tried to
explain the meaning,
but it was a little bit difficult.
Something like:
"Nice chick" or "Nice bee"

Watch the videos here:

Thanks to Antti and Snack
for spending their time with us and for making this interview possible!
And special thanks to Jenny for the organisation and everything else!
(Thanks to Stefan for doing this interview!)

For Jonne we brought a special gift which we gave to him
after the last gig in Ludwigsburg to thank him for making us smile
and light up our lives with great music and entertainment!

Negative-Love wants to thank Jonne and Negative
for all the great shows and beautiful moments of the last five years!
Keep on rocking and never stop fighting for your dreams!


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved