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Here we have finally put our interview with Larry and Christus online!
We met them in Cologne 12.02.2006!
We thank Roadrunner Records for giving us the oportunity
to make this interview happen!

   The Interview!!!  



Have you thought about the Title of the new album? 

 Larry:  We have been thinking about it but we don’t wanna tell it till it
             is released it should be a surprise!


How many Songs would there be on the new album? 

 Larry:  Eleven or twelve…ten to twelve


Is there going to be a Negative Solo-Tour in Germany this year,
or are there any Festivals in planning?

 Larry:  In this year? 

 Britta:  Yes in this year… 

 Larry:  Yeah there are many but I don’t know about them all yet.
            And I just know a few and I've heard about a few and they are not confirmed,
            so I can not yet tell about them.
            So nobody  would be disappointed - you know!


Was it your idea to tour with Him and The Rasmus? 

 Larry:  During the last tour here in Germany we were talking about supporting some
             bands and we knew that Him was coming. So than Jonne called Ville after
             the Tour and it was his idea to do this Tour with three of us! 

 Britta:  But your show is always too short!!! 

 Larry:  Yeah! But next time we are coming on our own we promise to play one and an
             half hour at least! 

 Britta:  That would be quite good!


Can you imagine a fulfilled life after Negative?
And what would it look like!?

 Larry:  My Life after Negative? 

 Britta:  Yes! 

 Larry:  Hm…äh.. It is hard to say, because we've been moving so fast you know all
            the time and it is hard to realize that everything is changing all the time -you
            know- different countries and different places. And now it’s like being 6
            years I am in the Band and it is been like going on so fast all the time that
            it’s sometimes you just have to stop and think about it all. So, and people
            that I was involved with, different bands, like 5 years or something. It is hard
            to - you know - think life without music - without Negative - it is really hard yeah,
            but definitely without music I can’t live. You know it…And right now you know
            theses guys - I like these five guys so much that it would be like breaking up a
            family or something - you know - so it is hard to imagine. My plan has always been
            when I was 15 years old, I told my parents and my teachers that I am going to be
            a rock star, and that’s it! Or that I am going to hang myself - that’s my plan. So they
            are not that happy at the moment! 

 Britta:  Why not? 

 Larry:  Because quite many bands don’t make it! 

 Britta:  Ok!


Why don’t you have a girl singer or a lady drummer? Or any other girl in the band? Did you ever thought about it? 


 Christus:  You wanna try? 

 Britta:  I couldn’t play any instruments. 

 Larry:  I think this 6 guys - these is perfect - you know - but if thinking about the past…
            why not…back then if there had been a girl with the right attitude, in the right
            place at the right time why not! But now this is perfect, why should we change?
            Of course you can use different musicians when recording!


Can you think of reasons to leave the band for good? 

 Larry:  No - if they fire me!


Would you consider getting undressed for a magazine like Playgirl? 

 Larry:  Of course! With Christus! (laugh)


Are there any things about your job that you hate?
Too many Fans at the bus in the evening or something?

 Larry:  No no that is nice - you know - that is nice - that is like…That feels great
            because - you know the people like your band and that is not a bad thing
            at all. But if I must say something…lets say… I don’t hate anything but
            travelling long distances like flying to Japan or something it is quite boring - yeah…. 

 Christus:  There is not allowed to smoke 

 Larry:  Yeah…that is awful it is like 13 hours- the flight to Japan…quite bad!


What do you think about Fans writing stories about you?
Do you think its funny or do you feel flattered?

 Larry:  I have only read those gay stories -(laugh)- they are funny in one way but
            sometimes they get so they are telling things so precisely…so clear…
            that makes me think…”Oh Fuck”- you know - what are they thinking about us?
            That we are totally gay? 

 Britta:  But sometimes it looks like you are! 

 Larry:  Yeah but it is part of the show part of the glam rock - you know
             we love each other sometimes we are kissing each other but it is nothing
             more - you know! Or I don’t know…
             maybe somebody is gay but hasn’t told yet! (laugh)


What is the most important item when you are on Tour-What is absolutely necessary for you? 

 Larry:  Guitar…but lets say from my personal stuff…lets say my headphones
             and cd player and then I like to read books…
             and my medication of course I am a bad sleeper!


Here is a question for Christus!
What is the strangest place you ever woke up at?


 Christus:  You really wanna hear about that? I think it’s…you know in Finland we have
                 very cold weather about -20 c and there is a lot of ice on the road. So you have
                 to throw some sand on the road before you go to sleep and I woke up in the
                 morning in that sand box… 

 Britta:  And did you sleep well? 

 Christus:  Yes but I felt cold in the morning. I don’t know…I think it is the weirdest place.
                 I don’t remember there are a lot of weird places!


If you possessed a magical power, what would it be? 

 Larry:  Magical power…to turn every object into what ever I want! If I want this
            (taking a bottle with water) to be vodka - it would be vodka!

 Britta:  That is a good Idea! And you Christus! 

 Christus:  I don’t know…ever passed out!?


Do you have a secret passion? 

 Larry:  Secret Passion…oh…hm…but it is not secret anymore if I say.
            We have secret passions but I don’t wanna tell about (laugh) 


Do you still have a bad habit today that you had already
as a youngster?

 Christus:  Of course we have! 

 Larry:  Youngster…smoking, drinking…playing Rock n roll… 

 Christus:  What is the Magazine you wanna write something bad in…(laugh) 

 Britta:  I never would write something bad about you!


If you could ask god one question, what would it be? 

 Larry:  Why…Why me? Are you mad? Am I going to hell? 

 Christus:  Sorry…-that is the only person -if I had to say something to- …it would be: sorry!


If you could be a woman for one Day, what would you like to do first? 

 Larry:  Get fucked…of course! 

 Britta:  Why did I know that you would say that? Why!?(laugh) 

 Larry:  Is it a beautiful woman? Can I decide? 

 Britta:  Yes, you can decide! 

 Larry:  When I could be a really beautiful woman I would go to a bar and tease all the man
             and drive them mad! 

 Christus:  Why? 

 Britta:  Yeah…Why? 

 Larry:  I just like to try…(laugh) 

 Britta:  Do you know how that feels? 

 Larry:  They have done it to me… 

 Christus:  Yeah-Yeah….but why you have… 

 Larry:  I like to take revenge 

 Christus:  Ahhh…ok! 

 Larry:  Do you remember *…..(*person not named here!!!!!) 

 Christus:  Yeah…but… 

 Larry:  Now you understand. 

 Christus:  Yeah! 

 Larry:  There was that one girl… 

 Christus:  She was teasing you the whole night… 


 Larry:  And when it was turning to action - you know - she said “I have those principles
            -  you know - never at the first night…never!” Ok thanks!
            Now she is reading this on your website…


If you had a wish-what would you change about you or your life? 

 Larry:  I always end up messing everything when I m too drunk…so I would like
            to change that I could drink more without messing up everything. You know -
            because when I drink too much whiskey or something I always end up really stupid… 

 Britta:  Something like lying on the street? 

 Larry:  Yeah…something like that! 

 Britta:  I heard that a lot of Finnish people lie on the street when they are drunk… 

 Larry:  Yeah Yeah…but I have done lots of weird things you know… 



What animal would you like to be and why? (Character)!

 Larry:  Pig…you know…I’m pig because my Chinese mark is pig! Pigs are in everything
            and having fun all the time. I once had this Mini pig - you know -  mini size pig -
            in  my home for two days…and I have to say that it is quite hard to handle,
            because if you   try to lift it, the scream is like…I don’t know how to say…
            if there is a saying in  English…but there is a saying in Finland…(….)
            Now I know where it came from! The noise is so fucking loud
            (Christus: Like a butcher…) everything stops and it is so loud  you almost faint…
            and it was a house where other people sleep also.
            When I was carrying that pig on the street - to the park… 

 Christus:  There were a lot of kids! 

 Larry:  Yeah…there was a kindergarten near my house…and they were sleeping…
             and then they woke up…and the Lady of the kindergarten came outside
             pretty angry! 

 Christus:  (macht das Schreien des Schweines nach!) 

 (all laugh) 

 Britta:  And what animal would you like to be? 

 Christus:  Wolf…because it takes what it wants! You know- I usually take what I want!


What does happiness mean to you?
(You have to explain the word happiness or luck…what does it mean to you?)

 Larry:  I don't believe in total happiness - you know - there is always something bothering
            - you know…so you just got to find a certain attitude in life-you know-to enjoy
            in a full sense of meaning. There is always something…if you are always thinking
            about what is wrong…there is always definitely something. So being happy is finding
            the right attitude. 

 Christus:  I live in that day-you have to forget about last night or forget the future!
                It is just living in this time of real life! 

 Larry:  Yeah! 


Is there anything that you envy a woman and if what? 

 Larry:  You know…when having sex they can have many orgasms!
            And-you know - that is something I would like to experience.
            Because I have to take a break in between! 

 Britta:  Ok that is right…I never thought about…but it is right! 

 Larry:  Yeah -(laugh)- that is right!


If your house was on fire and you could only save three things
- what would they be?

 Britta:  I think I know…guitar! 

 Larry:  No my guitar is always somewhere in a rehearsal place- there are only a few
            not so important guitars in my home. But I would take a bottle of vodka or
            whiskey…that depends on the situation and than a cd of Alice Cooper…
            and then some Jackets! You know! Actually there is a place near I live where…
            now I don’t know the word…where people live which are coming from places
            where war is coming out…people who are escaping…that kind of place!
            Maybe I would go there with the bottle and the cd! 

 Britta:  Christus? 

 Christus:  I think I throw the flames more gasoline and take all my women with me!
                And then burn it all down! I have no special things in my home - you know
                - I have not so much things! I don’t need anything! 

 Larry:  Or my third thing would be cigarettes! 

 Christus:  I think vodka is the most important thing and women! Of course! 


 Britta:  So, this was the last question! 

 Larry:  Thank you very much! 

 Britta:  I have to thank you! See you later on stage…bye!



2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved