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   Interview with Antti and Larry  
Tampere 17.08.2007


Jonne told in an Interview a few weeks ago that the Band is planning a new Record release in the beginning of next year! Are you still recording it?

A: We didn't even started!
B: Oh…ok…Jonne told us in February, that you are going to studio soon!
A: Oh…Jonne has written some new songs and we have worked together with one or two songs in the rehearsal…but that is all!

Talking about the German tour what about Austria an Switzerland?
They are still waiting for some gigs! Is there something in planning!?

L: Austria and Switzerland? There are some gigs…
A: Now when it is German tour…
L: German Tour?
A: I think so!
L: Ahh ok!
B: You are touring Germany in September! (everyone laughing)
L: I thought there were some gigs in Switzerland!
A: Normally when we tour Germany there is at least one gig in Austria
and one gig in Switzerland! But I am not sure in this time! Is there or not…
and one thing it is not up to us! I fit is or not, and than they just let us know!
And if I remember right, there was only Germany…
and than we have to go straight to China…
B: I think not straight…there is more than one week in between!
A: It is good that you know…(everyone laughing)
B: I have to know about the tour dates! (laughter)
B: Larry had to fill in his portrait before we go on!
L: Ok!

A: What is that? Have I to do it too?
B: No, you did it in Hamburg!
A: Ok than I know what it is!

Personal questions!

Antti, some fans are still waiting for the band to get naked for a magazine.
Could you imagine doing this?

A: Ohhh, yeah that is Sir Christus job!

Does money play an important role in your life?

A: Money makes a lot of things easier but you know, show me the one who doesn’t want to have money! But it is not all! There are certainly a lot of things
I wanted to do that money can not give me!
But…money is nice, of course it is not all… but it is really really nice!
B: So you are not doing this job because of the money?

A: Noooo if I want to have really much money it would be wise to do something else, if you want to have much money really really quick, that is a hard way…and maybe still you are in that position that you don’t have enough!

B: What about you Larry?
L: No, not at all…it is just money!
B: Ok!

Is there something you would never ever do in your whole life,
even not if you were offered billions of euros? 

L: Something I wouldn’t do?
B: Yes! Maybe…to kill someone…or something like this!
L: (laughs) Yeah that is something!
A: Maybe it depends on the price…(everyone is laughing)
K: So than money is important? (Laughter)
A: Money itself is not that important…it is more important how much you can give! (Again laughter)
L: So…I wouldn’t betray my friend!
B: Ok!

What do you believe is the most important thing in life? 

A: I think just live happy, enjoy the whole life, and perhaps do some children to keep on!
K: So what do you need around you to be happy?
A: Good friends of course. Whatever makes you happy…and of course fun! For me it is my good friends and of course traveling around with this band! Make some records and of course music is a big part of it! So basically to do the things you love and like! No matter what other people say about! Don’t give so much shit on what other people say! Of course you can’t do anything like “kill someone” so it is not meant in that way! So…you know what I mean?
K: So you mean it in that way that you are doing what you want to do even though you’re going through the wall with your head?
A: Exactly! Of course, it is not always wise to do so, but if that is what you love…why not?
K: Maybe you are going to hurt someone if you do it in that way…
A: Yeah maybe…but those people feel the pain for that…maybe they deserve it!
L: I think feelings are very important! If you think about military and war that makes people like machines. That is against human nature!
B: I understand what you mean!

If you have the chance to read someone’s diary,
Who’s diary would you like to read and why?

A: Kurt Cobains Diary…if he ever did any! I don’t know if there is one!
K: Yeah there are so many books about!
A: But are this personal diaries?
K: Yes I think so!
A: Oh thanks!
L: Jonne talked about this…
B: So maybe he has got the book and you can borrow it! (Everyone laughs)
A: I knew that there were some books about Kurt but I didn’t know that they are personal diaries…but well thank you! That is one thing I have to do!
L: Steven Tyler from Aerosmith…he is a different kind of person! His story is like an rollercoaster ride!
K: But Antti, did you answered why you would like to read Kurt’s diary?
A: Well it just would be interesting to know what was going on in his head at this time, when he still lived! Like for example, his last four years from 1990 till Nevermind which was released in 1991 till 1994 when he shot himself!
B: Have you ever been afraid that something like this could happen to you?
A: Well sometimes a little bit…of course!
L: (to Antti) Have you seen the movie “Last Days”?
A: No, I guess I heard about it!
L. (laughs) There is this man just walking around his house…
A: (laughs)
L: With a gun! Couple of days!
B: But, let’s come back to the question…could you imagine this?
Maybe if the fame is getting more…you know this time you can walk around free without needing security…but guess what if this is not possible anymore! Maybe like in the 90’s we had this very famous band in Germany, called Kelly Family…do you know them?
A: I think I heard about them…they are many people in this band?
K: Yeah and they are a family! Everyone has long hair and strange clothes!
B: But not anymore!
A: I think I saw some pictures of them!
B: There was a time where they was so famous that they wasn’t able to leave their house without security…more than 100 Fans was waiting outside and try to touch them an tore their cloth of…very hysteric crowd…maybe if your fame is getting that way…
A: Hmmm…but in Finland the people don’t act that way…they are only starring at you!, because they don’t have the courage to come to talk to you! And maybe if they are drunk they came over and talk something stupid…just to say something!
K: That is true, we saw this very famous Finnish comedian, yesterday at the bus…nobody said something…but everyone starred at him! Strange!
A: Yeah but that is what I mean they are just starring!

If you could be invisible, who would you like to spy on?

L: (laughing)
B: Fans got some strange questions sometimes…maybe it is interesting for them…
I don’t know!
L: Mhh…(thinking) I am so paranoid…maybe my band members! (Everyone laughing)
When I am not around!
K: Do they talk about you?
B: Yeah!
L: Yeah!
B: So you can find out who your real friends are!
A: Yeah me too…I guess! No I am not so interested in the people I don’t know, because there is nothing interesting! You know good friends or people you already know talk things you don’t know behind the wall…but if you could spy on them…this scene that would be nice! Or maybe took a video camera…to watch them.(laughing)

K: And maybe someone famous?
A: Maybe Madonna! Just to watch how she practice…and what she eat and doesn’t!
K: I would like to see her in her mother role; I can’t imagine how she behaves in her mother role!

According to your song “In my heaven”, what will “your heaven” look like? 

L: Heaven?
A: I think my heaven is impossible to describe…how does it look like?
It is more a place in your mental situation where everything is in balance!
And you just don’t need anything! For me it is like about that!
L: For me too! Some kind of peace of mind! I remember I wrote these lyrics with Jonne and we thought about finding your heaven…here on this earth! Not like dying and going to heaven…some kind of peace of mind…a way to escape! There are many ways to escape from reality!
B: That is true!

Do you believe in things like fortune telling?
Or have you ever been to a fortune-teller?

A: I have never been! It would be interesting sometimes!
L: I think there is something, something spiritual going on all the time!
And sometimes I get this feeling like there are lots of spirits but I don’t know about fortune tellers. Is it astrological?
B: Something like that!
L: I was once in that kind of place and there were some things she knew about me, that was not possible and she told some facts what is going to happen. Some of them came true…so I don’t know…

B: Maybe there is something true about it!
L: Yeah but something was also wrong! So maybe a part of it is true…
Yeah but I believe in something! Some kind of faith!
But you can also mess around…
you know your own faith…you can destroy everything if you want!

Which colour has got your hot-water bottle!? 

A: What?
K: You put warm water in it…and you can put it in your stomach if it hurts!
Or if you got a cold or something!
B: If you have some bottle like this!
A: And what is the colour of the bottle?
B: Someone would like to know which colour it is!
L: I don’t have this kind of bottle!
(Everyone Laughing!)
A: Me neither! The colour will be the same…
B: Be careful what you say…(laughing)
K: You will get a lot of hot water bottles next time your on tour!
A: Yeah…so the colour depends on what the fans will give to me!
Everything goes…I like red, black and silver!

Imagine, you got the offer to play a small part in a movie,
what kind of character would you like to play?

L: Drug addict! Or something like that. Something not that serious you know!
Something where I could be totally out of my head!
K: Which kind of movie?
L: Not comedy…but some kind of crazy guy! Drug addict or something! Carzy!
B: And you?
A: In some comedy I would like to practice some stupid…like some kind of idiot…in the house of the craziest…and maybe escaped or something! Splatter movie!
(everyone laughing)

Which newspaper headline would you like to see about yourself?

L: Mhh…number one in USA!
A: I would just saying the same! Billboard Number one…
this would be on the headlines at least!
B: That is true!

Is there one book which taught you essential things about life?

A: Some book that has taught us?
B: Yes!
A: So far in my life I have only read four books now!
K: Even in school?
A: Ahh yeah even at school…in school I did not read one of them…only these four…
Every book is really near to this Rock N Roll…one of them was Möetley Crue’s „The Dirt“
And one of them was, if you know „Nancy“ the story of the Sex Pistols Bass player Sid Vicious’ and his girlfriend! Who both also died very young…and than two other books, which was also Rock N’ Roll books! It is like really near to what we do!
I have taken some good advices! You can read the book and see what is not wise to do and you can learn from them actually! And try to make the right choices!
L: I think there is one book I read Anthony Kiedis’ „ Scar tissue“…
B: I don’t know that book!
L: It was good! It is telling the story of his life! Like it is not just fact about the band and recordings and stuff! But it is Anthony telling you things about his life!
About his journey.
B: Ok!

Is there a century you would like to live in rather than the 21th century?
And why? Maybe in future…or…

L: Maybe not in the future because there is something you don’t know…quite scary! Maybe there is war going on, or something!
B: But maybe in the middle ages or…
L: Maybe in the early 60’s! And I would create al those great Rock N’ Roll songs!
I can steal everything…(laughing) Maybe…some kind of time machine…
I don’t know!
A: Not exactly!

You would never ever leave your house without what?
Is there something you take with you when you leave your house?

A: When I leave my house I have usually something on my head! Some kind of scarf, or hat!
It doesn’t happen often that I leave the house without something on my head! That was the first thing that came to my mind!
L: Maybe keys! (Everyone laughing)
B: That is quite good answer!

Now we have some special questions, you don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to! What is your favorite sex position?

A: That is not a strange question at all! Well I like many…many…but one of good is when you are lying…with your back on the couch or bed…or wherever…and the partner is…like on your hands…but he is…ähh no…she is…(everyone laughing)…well whatever…how do you like it…the back against your face…she or he is looking the same way that you look! That is very practical!
L: Maybe the same one, but the other way around!
A: You can keep us circling…so on!
B: Ok!

Is there a special song you would like to listen to while having sex?

A: Special song?
B: Yeah!
L: I don’t like to listen to music, when I am having Sex, because I am always concentrating on the music! That is like something that bothered me if there is a great song coming!
K: You can sing it along! (laughter)
A: The music is such big thing to you that every time you listen to it you have to, well you don’t have to, but it gets you in music’s hands! And doesn’t let you go! And than it is pretty hard to try to do something else at the same time!
K: And especially when you notice that the song is better than Sex!
(Everyone is laughing)
A: One time, years ago I asked one girl if she would like to listen to some Bon Jovi because she was a big Bon Jovi fan at the time, and maybe put some lights/candles on to make it very romantic…and than she said No!
A: I tried to be nice…
B: Ok I think we finished this!
L: Ok!
A: This was all? All questions?
B: Yes…for now! Thank you!
A: So…(takes a look at his cell phone)
Oh…I got one minute left until the next interview starts!

We thank everyone who made this interview possible! Especially, Tommi and Ninni!
And of course Antti and Larry,
and the rest of the band! Hope to see you soon!


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved