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   Interview with Antti and Jonne  
Tampere 26.08.2008

It was a windy and cold day. Early we arrived at the location to prepare ourselves for the Interview with Antti and Jonne! Two minutes too late Antti arrived at the location and ask us if Jonne is still coming. We told him that we are waiting for him. So he decided to have some breakfast first because he just woke up! A few minutes later, Antti was sitting at our table, Jonne rushed in telling us that he had been at the wrong location, and that he was sorry for been late! Then he asked us how we are and went to get some coffee!
Now we were ready to start! We started with giving them the selfmade Portraits to sign. Antti and Jonne commented the portraits with great look alike. Than Jonne and Antti had to fill in some “tests”. (So Antti got some time to eat his breakfast…it is so bad to talk with a full mouth! ;-)) Meanwhile we had a “Small Talk” with Jonne …

Jonne: I don’t like tests…I feel like I am in school again…some kind of examination…is this something psychological?

Britta: No, it is just for fun…we always try to keep it interesting for the fans… so we have to be creative to find some things to entertain them.

Jonne: Ok…

After we finished the “Tests” the boys were told their results

Jonne: So now I know who of these girls fits best to me…maybe good to know for the future. (smiling)

Caro: Yes!

Britta: So let’s start with the interview!
How were the gigs at the last weekend? (Helsinki – Tavastia and Hämenlinna)

Jonne: They were nice, I think those two shows were the best for a long time, to me personally. I think they all agree with me.

Antti: Yes, after all these summer festivals they were the best once.
Especially Tavastia!

Britta: Actually we thought about going there but I had some problems
with my health.

Jonne: Ok.

Antti: Actually this is kind of a new situation with these five members and only one guitar. We played two or three festival in this combination but still it was the first club gig. But it went good I think! We are getting better and better!

Jonne: To me personally it was the best show. Tavastia!

Britta: I always like those small gigs more than the festivals. So what are you doing beside the gigs at the moment?

Antti: We have a lot of rehearsals to become a better live band. And maybe I will go fishing with a friend of mine on our free day!

Britta: Sounds nice…

Britta: Your first album „War of Love“ will be released as a Limited Vinyl Edition here in Finland at 25 of October will it also be released in Germany?

Jonne: I don’t know yet if it is happen, but it is available from everywhere.

Antti: You can order it in the internet.

Britta: And what about you? Do you have a record player for Vinyls so that you can listen to it? Or how did you come to this idea?

Jonne: No no but we used to have one, when I was a little boy, but you know the needle that you need to make it work was fucked up. So we weren’t able to listen to any stuff.

Antti: I had this Vinyl player when I lived with my dad. I should have one cause I still have many many Metallica Bootlegs and also Guns N’ Roses live. And I haven’t been able to listen to it since I moved from my dad. When war of love comes out I have to buy a new one. I have heard that they are pretty expensive i fit is a really good high quality needle which is made of diamond. There are also cheaper ones but they are not so good. Maybe we should put some diamond needles to the „War of Love“ so that they can listen with their parents broken LP player.

Jonne: I think it’s some good part for the collection.

Britta: In a few days you will be 25 another year had gone by, now you’re going straight to 30… How does it feel for you? Is there something that you would like to reach before this?

Jonne: (grinning) Well there have happened so many good things. I have heard that until 24 it goes uphill and you’re able to develop yourself but after that it will go down.

Caro: And you will get old and you will get wrinkles.

Jonne: Your body starts to slow down and I will soon have some erection problems. So there is only one idea to keep some presents and it is Viagra!
But I think it is really nice to get some years behind you…

Britta: So you are not scared of getting older?

Jonne: No I am not scared, I am eternally young inside.

Britta: Ok…that is the most important thing, to stay young mentally!

Britta: What is he Finnish song about that sang in Berlin?

Jonne: It was about „Golden youth“. It is some traditional Finnish song.

Antti: Who is it from?

Jonne: I don’t even know…I think it is Toivo Kärkki…really old composer.
You know I think I didn’t even forget the lyrics I made it pretty well.

Britta: The fans liked it and that is all that matters.

Jonne: Yeah it was totally spontaneous. I would love to do it again. Actually I can tell you it was kind of anthem for my grandmother. When she was young they used to listen to this kind of music in the dance places. (Imitates a dancing couple)

Britta: So we are talking about “Family” I heard that your brother Ville is in the army now. How does it come to this?

Jonne: There was some midsummer party at my grandmother’s place. Tommi and Ville were in sauna and they started to talk about you know…Ville was having a party time…and I think it was a good break. Yesterday we took him back to the army and he told me that after the army he will start recording a new album.

Britta: So he has good plans for the future…

Jonne: That is actually good for me, cause I am relieved now from the army!

Britta: Antti, the Fans would like to know the meaning of your new Tattoo, the smoking fish.

Antti: Smoking fish? Little bit weird)

Britta: Yes…the new tattoo…(Jonne pointed on the place where the tattoo is)

Jonne: That is the first Logo of Negative, a friend of Tommi drew it.

Britta: Ok…

Caro: Antti, what would your personal heaven look like?

Jonne: Red? (Laughter)

Antti: For me it is not about where it is, it is more like a state of mind. I think it is just when you feel that you don’t need anything at all, because you are satisfied with what you have at the moment. I think that describes it the best.
If you are in peace with yourself then you can leave the world with the feeling that you lived a good life, with all the highlight and all the downs.

Caro: Yeah, no regrets!

Antti: Yeah it is kind of that.

Caro: Have you ever been close to death?

Antti: Yes many many times when I was a child. I was once also almost blind when i was nine and I still lived in Rovaniemi after New Years Eve we still had bombs and rockets. Me and my friend we took one of the big bombs and a saw and we cut it into two pieces and we tried to put the fire on it in a way that it won’t burn…and that there are only the sparks. And we did it in my friend’s garage. I took the other piece of the bomb in my hand and put it on fire and at the same moment when I did this all the powder came to my face and my jacket went to fire. I went to the snow to put the fire off. And there are still pieces of the bomb between my thumb and my forefinger and when I put a needle on top of this area I don’t feel anything. You know everything burned so badly even my eyelashes burned off and the doctor said to me if I would have held my hand even half centimetre closer to my face I would have been blind. It was really close. And there was also the chance that I would burned alive.

Caro: What was the weirdest place you ever woke up at?

Antti: There are many weird places, but the weirdest place was when I woke up at our guitar technics person Arska’s place. Arska was lying on the bed but I didn’t wake up there I woke up under his bed. I was lying on the floor with all my clothes on and I opened my eyes and Arska’s bed was right over my head and I didn’t know where I was. It was dark but than I saw light on the side and I could get out to take a look where I am. Then I saw Arska sleeping on his bed. I still don’t have a clue how I came there.

(we took a short break to get new drinks)

Britta: We brought some T-Shirts with us that you have to design. Maybe you can draw a selfportrait or what ever you want on it, so we can give it to the fans by a competition!

Jonne: Ok.

While they are drawing the pictures Jonne started a small conversation about coffee...

Jonne: I started to drink coffee again…

Britta: I see…

Jonne: It seemed like I was in a horror movie before…

Britta: What about the Tour in Germany?

Jonne: It will be in December, there are almost 12 gigs confirmed…

Britta: In December sounds nice,
maybe you should sing some Christmas songs on stage!

Jonne: Mh…instead of „Golden youth“.

Britta: Did you ever think of recording a Christmas song?

Antti: I think „Twisted sister“ did a pretty good in the 90’s when they released the Christmas album. And they are still touring. I saw them at the Icehall in Helsinki actually i was there to see „hardcore superstar“ they were supporting them. And then when twisted sister were playing the audience was yelling „Hey play more from the Christmas album!“

Caro: So they are still wearing the make up and stuff?

Antti: Yeah yeah, and they are 50 or 60!

Caro: (laughing) Yeah i know.

Jonne: I think Freddy Mercury did a very great Christmas song…
„Thank God it’s Christmas“ It would be nice to try this but probably not with the band!

Britta: Yeah maybe a rock version…

Jonne: Yeah, with a secret name!

(They both still drawing!)

Jonne: That is some kind of healing progressive painting…

Britta: It looks a little bit like the drawings I saw in the anthroposophical hospital at the art therapy. Maybe if your career as a musician doesn’t work anymore you should try it with art!

Jonne: Mhhh…yes…

Antti: Yeah actually me and Jay we are good painters.

(They continue drawing!) (Antti’s phone is ringing and he talks some minutes)

Britta: Let’s go on with some questions. If you could be one of your bandmembers, who would you like to be? And why?

Antti: Maybe Jay Slammer! It would be so interesting to get inside of his head. And try to learn what he thinks.

Britta: And you?

Jonne: I would say the same, Jay Slammer! And the same reason!

Caro: What was the strangest thing you ever put in your mouth?

(Everyone laughs)

Antti: I don’t know what is strange? Is Bam Magera’s dick a strange thing?

(Everyone is laughing their butts of)

Antti and Jonne are signing cds meanwhile

Britta: And you?

Jonne: Probably the testicals of a cow!

Britta: Cow?

Jonne: We ate it in Russia at least we had to try it!

Britta: That is definitely strange!

Britta: Oh, ok…Now your life in six words!

Antti: Fascinating, Spontaneous, Interesting, Nice and Special…you know for us it is not so special…but for someone who work from eight to four they might see our life in that way!

Jonne: (thinks some minutes) Mh…Unique, Interesting, Nice, Joyful, Hectic and sometimes Sexy! (grinning)

Britta: Sexy…that is a good connection for the next thing I wanted to say.
We should do a bet! If your new Album „Karma Killer“ is going to the Top 50 of the German charts, we should do something special…

Antti: 15 or 50?

Britta: No Top 50! But I don’t think that it is going there!

Jonne: Me neither! (Laughter) Yeah let’s do Groupsex…

Antti: In a big group!

Britta: Oh no…

Jonne: And let’s film it by webcam…(everyone is laughing)
Yeah but what could we do?

Britta: Maybe a fotoshooting in underwear for the fans?

Jonne: Softporn…let’s do that later.
Just a few years good potential! Maybe at a free day we can start…

Britta: (grinning) Ok I think we are finished with our questions…
and these are some nice final words…thank you for your time! ;-)

And here a special surprise for the german fans a short commercial for the upcoming Tour in December.

We proudly present: Jonne Aaron! ;-)

We thank Antti and Jonne for this Interview and spending their time with us!
We are looking forward to see Negative Live on Tour in Germany!


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All Rights Reserved