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Christins „NEGATIVE“ Autograph-Session!



Finally the day we had been looking forward to had arrived! My friend Christine and I hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, and it was about time we met! Around 5pm we met at the grandstand to have a good talk and watch the Show later on. Despite of the heat everybody felt great. Twenty to seven the show started with “La feeding fire”! And the crowd went nuts! To watch everybody from our seats was very cool! Sometime later Christin’s Mum arrived. She seemed rather surprised because of Jonne’s new hairdo. She thought he looked pretty strange (That’s right! ;-) )

Unfortunately the 40 minutes past too fast. But to make up for that there was an autograph-session! We packed our things and off we went to the merchandise stand. A huge crowed was already waiting for the band. Christin was disappointed because she feared she might not get an autograph. The day before she hoped to get one from the 69 eyes but the organisation just didn’t work! People didn’t queue up like they should have and the session had to stop after only 15 minutes. As usual nobody had thought of the people in wheelchairs, she couldn’t manage to get any closer to the stand because security had put up a fence and Christin in her wheelchair was not able to get over the obstacle.
I could see Christin was very upset. But we were lucky an “Angel” turned up and told us just to be patient the guys would see us later. Chrissi couldn’t believe she’d ever meet the boys. I tried to calm her down; - I knew Jonne and the band kept their promises! And what do you know! Our “Angel” took us to the backstage area. After a short hassle with security we finally succeeded. Christin was really excited but after a while she realised there was no reason to be anxious. The guys were super friendly and nice! They crouched to be at eye-level with Christin and I could take some pictures.
When Jonne stood up again we heard a funny sound like something was breaking. He looked around himself with a guilty expression and I asked Christin with a grin on my face if Jonne had managed to mess up her wheelchair. She smiled at me but she thought that the noise sounded like clothes tearing. We felt Jonne was just a little littel bit ashamed!
The boys had made Christin very happy they said their goodbyes told her to take care and then we left!

Big thanks to our „Angel“and the boys of NEGATIVE who took the time to make all this possible!

We thank you so much! KITOS!


by Blacktoxica



2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved