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A few weeks ago we had this competion, where the fans had to create something typical "Negative"
The price for the three most creative ideas was a special surprise a Meet and Greet with the band!
Here you can read our report about the first Meet and Greet in Leipzig! 

Lay down with us!

Anne meets NEGATIVE 

On 04 November 2006 in Leipzig the time had finally come, the first of our three winners had the chance to meet her favourite band in person, present her handicrafts to them, ask them some questions and do with them everything her heart desired!

Already two hours earlier we met the two girls Anne and Denise at the train station. Both admitted to being a bit excited. While drinking a nice hot coffee we tried to calm them down a bit. Afterwards we went to the gig venue together. With every minute that brought us closer to the Meet and Greet, the nervousness of the two increased. In addition, Anne unfortunately had some problems with her circulation due to the cold.

But then around eight it was finally time: In a small room with a piano, a couch, some tables and many chairs we sat down and only a short time later the guys from Negative joined us! A wild and chaotic handshaking started. After everyone had introduced themselves and found a place at the table, Anne explained to the guys that she had won our contest and used the opportunity to them her handmade dolls made from cardboard. In all her excitement she promptly handed them the dolls without clothes. Snack also immediately recognized that they were drawn in manga style! Everyone was quite amazed when they had a closer look at the dolls and noticed how much effort Anne had put into making them!

Anne was still very nervous and one could easily notice that she had some trouble with her circulation. The guys from Negative recognized that, too, and asked us if we would like to drink some coffee. The offer was a real blessing for us since we were frozen to the bone! Larry immediately went to get the coffee for us. When he returned we were just in the process of placing Anne and the guys on the couch to take some photos as a souvenir. Jonne was unfortunately a bit slow, so he didn’t find any more space to sit on the couch. Just like that I asked him to simply lie down on top – said and done, and I think he enjoyed that a lot!

Here you have some more impressions from our little photo shooting!

After the group cuddling we build a circle with our chairs and Anne first of all took a decent swig of coffee. Suddenly we noticed that Larry had disappeared. Some minutes later he returned with a couple of chocolate bars which he distributed among us. We enjoyed the chocolate and Anne started to ask her questions, which she had specially written down in order not to forget anything! (Unfortunately the recording is so bad that it’s almost impossible to understand one’s own words – that’s what you get if you have ten people talking all at the same time! ;-))

Her questions were among others:

If you could be an animal in your next life, what would it be?
Could you explain the intro and the ending of Anorectic to me? How did you get that idea?
And what was the latest CD you bought? 

After that Anne and Denise still had the possibility to take photos with some of the guys and get their signatures. Slowly Anne’s pulse calmed down, too, and she became calmer.

Unfortunately it became time for us to leave, the guys only had some minutes left to prepare and get dressed for their show. Since Christus was already finished, Anne, Denise and Caro used the opportunity to draw some “decoration” on his arms! Christus seemed to enjoy that, since when our pen stopped working he happily exclaimed that he had a thicker black one in his dressing room and went to get it for us! Afterwards he proudly presented himself to our camera once again.

After the Meet & Greet the four of us enjoyed the concert, even though we unfortunately only found a place to stand directly next to the stage from where one unfortunately couldn’t see anything except for a high tower of loudspeakers.
We hope that Anne and Denise nonetheless won’t forget this day for a long, long time!

(translated by Denise)


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