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A few weeks ago we had this competion, where the fans had to create something typical "Negative"
The price for the three most creative ideas was a special surprise a Meet and Greet with the band!
Here you can read our report about the first Meet and Greet in Leipzig! 

Seven men and six women

Meet and Greet in Bochum

Location: Bochum 09.11.06, shortly before six. A bit tensed up we waited with our two winners and their company to meet the guys. Then it was time… we were brought to a small and cosy (and this time even more or less cleaned up) room! There sat the seemingly slightly tired guys from Negative. Jonne yawned first of all, then he stood with a Finland flag wrapped around his shoulders and as usual the chaotic handshaking started, during which Jonne tried to explain to us that he had been thinking about putting the flag up somewhere on stage. Unfortunately the noise level was so high that I didn’t quite understand what he wanted! (I hope he himself knew it…) Then it was time, Helena first presented the guys her homemade Negative guys cookies!

Immediately I heard someone ask whether these were „Space cookies“… unfortunately I couldn’t really get who that came from… Jeanne then answered jokingly that unfortunately, these were only normal cookies, but by request we could surely see what we could do for the next time, the Netherlands aren’t that far away! Then it was time to hand the guys our Thank You cake,
which we had had made on the occasion of our 1 year anniversary as a token of our thanks for
the great support!

After we had taken some photos of that Christina unpacked her sheep. Immediately Snack grabbed one and exclaimed happily: “That’s me!” Unfortunately Christina had to disappoint him since he had gotten a hold of the Jay-sheep.
(Unfortunately there is no photo of Antti and his sheep because he came a bit later since he had been quite excitedly searching for his bag which he had left somewhere.)

Then it finally became a bit quieter. After everyone had found a place to sit Kai used the opportunity to ask Jonne for a photo with him… of course Jonne agreed! What Jonne didn’t know yet, though, was that Kai had been wishing to carry him on his hands for once for a long time already. And accordingly startled he was when Kai easily lifted him from the ground! What a “strong-man act”!

After this fright we all had to recover a bit and left it to Kai to ask the guys a few questions! Here is his little interview:
Kai: Ok boys, do you feel like Sexsymbols or does it go on your nerves sometimes?
Jonne: I feel like a shit!
Kai: Very interesting!
Larry: Right now I…I feel tired…and if somebody think that we are Sexsymbols…what a weird mind…(Laughing) I don’t know…
Christina: But you are Sexsymbols!
Larry: We’re just kidding…you know!
Jonne: What can you say when somebody thinks that you are a Sexsymbol? Of course it is…
Christina: It makes you proud?
Jonne: Not proud but…mhhh…but it is like blushing and thinking about at the same time…We are eating Sleeping and shiting…the same things like everybody does!

Kai: Do you have any strange fears? Maybe spiders or something!?
Jonne: Yeah…I have for bees! Wesps! You know!
Snack: I don’t like roaches!
Jonne: yeah!
Antti: I’m really scared of sharks! I have always been…
Larry: It’s the same for me…sharks!
Antti: Yeah…White Sharks! I’m afraid of white sharks!
Larry: Like in the movies!
Jonne: Wesps are my…
Christina: Christus??? Any special fears?
Christus: I loose my mind…I guess that is the problem…I don’t feel like fear…I don’t smell it…
you know…I don’t recognize that…I have no…I have no reason to…nothing…because I don’t fucking care! I try to do my job…
Kai: Ok!

Kai: Larry and Antti…do you ever met some white shark?
Antti: No…only small one in an animal zoo! That is all…but I would like to see…every time when we are in Japan I’m asking the local promotion guy I fit would be possible to see some sharks!
Larry: I had this one time…when I had a very bad Hangover…my head was messed up or something…I fell asleep…I got this terrible dream…because of the alcohol! And when I woke up
I thought that there is a shark in my bed!

Then I had to interrupt the little interview for a short while to present Jonne one of our self-made photo books for the band and a book with the title:
„How to give her absolutely pleasure - special techniques every woman wants her man to know“, which was thought as a little token of thanks from our site and Since Jonne had hinted in the interview that the guys often talk about this topic on the bus! Jonne immediately remarked that he’ll share the book with the guys and started to leaf through it. At once we were also joined by the others!

Antti and Larry were especially taken with the photo book and would have loved to have
their own one each! We gave them another one to sign; you’ll be able to win it in our next contest!

Then the interview continued for a while!

Kai: Jonne do you ever have been stalked by someone?
Jonne: Stalked?
Kai: Stalked…you know…Stalker! People that follow you always…and something like that!
Jonne: Oh…yes…there are always some people…every day…
Kai: Always the same or maybe different people?
Jonne: Sometimes the same but also everyday someone else…I think maybe a special…
Kai: Maybe a special secret organisation?
Jonne: (grin) Yeah…they are against me…
Kai: Something like JSA…Jonne Stalking Association?
Jonne: I don’t know…but …
Christus: I’ve been followed everyday…
Larry: Yeah me too!
Jonne: Sometimes you have that kind of feeling that you’ve been watched by someone…
Kai: Is this because you are famous o rare there any other reasons?
Larry: I don’t live like a saint…I have always done what I want…I don’t care about that…I don’t wanna hurt somebody…or to be an Asshole or something…if you got a guilty feeling…it’s like someone wants revenge…you know…it is hard to explain…
Jonne: In Tampere…where we all live…it is like when you are going to food store or something like this…everywhere the same faces…that feels like they are hunting you…some fans…it doesn’t bother me…I don’t care…something like that it is ok! That belongs also to Rock’n Roll! And it is really fucking scary…and nice at the same time! I hope I won’t get shot!

Kai: So…here is a special question for you Jay! You have very strong muscles
how long do you train them?
Jay: Something like one year!
Jonne: It seems like every time we are having one day off…and I call him…where are you? I’m working out! (moves his hand as if he held a dumbbell!)
Kai: This working…((moves his hands like Jay did)) or this working (moves his hand like he is know...Men!!!!)
Jonne: In every way!

And with that also this interview ended with the topic that is already so well-known with us! *grin* The girls then still had some things signed and after that contentedly left the backstage area with us to leave the waiting interviewers enough time to do their work! Unfortunately, Christina didn’t dare to take a photo with one of the Negative guys. In return, she got all intrepid after the really great gig and let me take these cute photos of her with Jann Wilde and Tender Rexx. Just so you can see our sweetheart, too!

To finish off - the whole team of chaotic people again after the gig! Helena was as nice as to
bake cookies for all of us… of course I had to nibble at mine straightaway… mhhh… very tasty!
Thanks a lot to the baker!

(translated by Denise)


2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved