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Joshua meets Antti!

Today it is 23.09.2007 the last Gig of the German Tour is waiting for us! It is gonna be a fantastic day for little Joshua. He is nine years old and it will be his first concert! His mother is a big fan of Negative and her son was infected by this “virus” from her! The whole day Joshua was so excited, he was looking for this moment for so long that he couldn’t even sleep! Still he was hoping to meet his idol Antti after the gig to take a picture with him together! Two days ago his mother told us about this wish and so i tried my best to find a way to make it come true! Mercy was on our side and so a friend of mine had an interview with Antti on this day! I asked her to help and she agreed with me that we should make someone happy!

Very special Thanks to Kristin and Caro for helping to make this dream come true!

By waiting at the location Joshua gets more and more excited his face turned into white and we was afraid that he didn’t make it!

But than the moment arrived…it was time to go in and meet Antti!
Joshuas dream was coming true! He was standing face to face with Antti!
Kristin and Caro explained shortly about the situation and that it was Joshuas dream to meet Antti! Antti was very happy to meet little Joshua and askes him how old he is, but unfortunately Joshua was so exited that he only remembered one sentences and that was: “Hello my name is Joshua” Than he took a picture with Antti and got some autographs from him! Joshua was so happy because the girls allowed him to stay while they did the interview!

After they finished their interview Antti tried to find Sir Christus because Joshua would have liked to do also a photo with him, but unfortunately he was sleeping in the bus! But next room he found Larry, Jay and Jonne which we finished our interview with only some minutes ago, and so he got the chance to take some pictures with them!

I wanna thank everyone who made this possible, especially Kristin and Caro! Kari who allowed them to take Joshua with them!
And Antti, Jay, Larry and Jonne for giving some minutes to Joshua!
Joshua was so happy and thankful, there is nothing more beautiful than the bright shining in a lucky child eyes!


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