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1. Forums-meeting in Dortmund!

Today it’s the 8th of August and it’s been raining all day long…unfortunatelly!
It turns 17:28 when Dirk and I arrive at the trainstation of Dortmund…a little bit late like always, thanks to the sticky traffic on that evening;-)!
As soon as we got out of the car, Lady Christus was coming over to us with a big smile on her face, followed by Sofakissen and Nina! Having given a hug to all of the three girls,
only Pukki was missing…but after quite a while we “caught” her at the station
and we were ready to head off to the next cosy café!

Having found a nice, little café, we chose a table and ordered some drinks…but not without chatting about the latest news…and you may won’t believe it, but we didn’t even mention the word “Negative”!

That was the point when Lady Christus and Sofakissen revealed, that “Negative-Love” helped to get two people together! Since they are the two winners of our “Creativity Challenge 2006”, they met each other for the first time at the Meet and Greet in Buchom last November!
Lady told us, that she had a crush on Sofakissen from the very beginning, but it took Sofakissen five months to realize that she felt the same! Finally, seven months after their first contact, they became a couple during Lady’s rehabilitation! Now, their relationship already lasts for three months and they are still as happy and in love as the first day! Lady and Sofakissen don’t see any problem in showing their love everywhere they go and everyone seems to be fine with the situation except of Sofakissen’s mother, who can’t really handle their love!


Being informed with the latest news, the quiz part started and the girls could win a single of “Lost Soul” as well as three original pictures of the guys.

The quiz- All around Negative and Negative-Love:

1. Our page is going to celebrate its birthday in November.
How old does “Negative-Love” get?

1 year
2 years
3 years

2. Who founded “Negative-Love”?

Britta and Dirk
Dirk and Jeanne
Jeanne and Britta

3. How many bandmembers are there?

3 bandmembers
5 bandmembers
6 bandmembers

4. What’s their name?

Christus, Jonne and Eero
Antti, Snack, Ville, Jay and Larry
Antti, Larry, Snack, Jay, Christus and Jonne

5. What kind of gift received Jonne from “Negative-Love”
during a signing session in February 2006?

A rose
A photo book
A belt

6. During the last tour we gave a birthday cake as a gift to the guys.
In which town did this happen?


7. In February 2006 “Negative-Love” had its fisrt interview
with two of the bandmembers. Who was it?

Jonne and Larry
Larry and Christus
Christus and Antti

8. What kinf of pet does Larry own?

A min pig
A cat

9. Name Jay’s hobby!

Going to the gym (weightlifting,….)

10. What was the strangest place, where Christus ever woke up in the morning?

Toilette of a bar

11. What is Jonne afraid of?


12. What was Britta’s first live gig of Negative?

Bochum Total 2005
Mera Luna 2005
Hamburg Tour 2005

Would you have known it ?

1. 2 years
2. Jeanne and Britta
3. 6 bandmembers
4. Antti, Larry, Snack, Jay, Christus and Jonne
5. A belt
6. Bochum
7. Larry and Christus
8. A cat
9. Going to the gym (weightlifting,…)
10. Sandbox
11. Bees
12. Mera Luna 2005

These are our winners:


After this little quiz we had to change our location, ‘cause the café closed! By the way thanks to Dirk, who paid the bill;-)! We decided to continue our meeting at McDonald’s, where we drank a few coke and played some lovely games! For example that one, where you have to ask 4 questions and give 4 answers…It’s kinda perfect game for long nights in finnish bars…especially when you already had a couple of Lonkero!


Look at this:

Who’s blonde? Jonne
How many times did he dye his hair? 4 times
What does he say when he looks in the mirror in the morning? Stil alive
Is he shocked? Yes
Who was his stylist? Antti
To how many people did he give this service before? 60
What’s the name of his shop? Summer of 69
Will his customers come back? No

Afterwards we planned some kind of promotion for our website!
We want to thank all fans, who supported and still support us!

At 8 o’clock our little meeting finally came to an end and we left McDonald’s with a lot of nice ideas for the next meeting! Maybe in Tampere! See you:



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