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1. Official Fanmeeting
at Café Zero in Karlsruhe

A cooperation of and


Karlsruhe, 15.00 o'clock, Café Zero in the pedestrian zone, after a short search the team of found the way to the location. But luckily we found out that we was not the only ones that had to search for it! Thank god! We already thought that we are too blind! As we entered the interestingly designed cafe, Danni already awaited us with a few fans! Immidiately a few task was alotted to us. With the guest list I was looking forward to the arriving fans at the stairhead...but after a few minutes we got the first problems with our guestlist, because most of the arriving people didn't belong to our fanmeeting, they wanted to drink some coffee or just wanted to use the restrooms! Sponteanous like we are we decided to ask the people from than on only still: Fanmeeting or toilet? For our astonishment most of them answered: "toilet" and "where is it?"
A few minutes later the location was filled with fans! I gave up my post to the trusting hands of Caro and Vanessa who took care about the arriving fans and divided them into groups of their favourite bandmember! (in order to keep a better overview!)

Here a picture of Britta and her Negativelove Team, Caro and Vanessa!
(Thanx for the pictures that was taken by Satania and Sumi!)


For their own security we decided, to put the fans of Sir Christus, Jay und Snack in a kind of „cage“, so they got the possibility to smoke on a small balcony! The Jonne fan corner was on the highest point of the cafe, with a good view of the hole location, this was also the most silent part!

Some pictures of the Jonne fan-corner!


The Jonne fans was the calmest, so they needed a small animation from Britta!

The girls in the "cage" started to prepare themselves for the things that may come!

Is Shelly really ordering ten beer? *shock* 

A strange atmosphere was laying in the air. Shortly after four o'clock six illustrious figures surprised us with their presence. One after one, Snack, Jay, Larry, Antti, Christus and Jonne climed up the stairs! Danni and Caro took the boys to their fan-groups and serve them some drinks. The surprise for the fans was so great that many of them was speachless for a while!
Once again, especially the Jonne-fan-corner!


Meanwhile inside of the "cage" everyone found his place
and a motivaded conversation had started

At the Jonne-corner everybody was relaxed!
Jonne satisfied his fans by taking pictures and answering questions, like here!

Antti and Jay had a really relaxed time! They was checking the bills of the last month! ;-)

Sorry...just a joke! ;-)

The most fans only had eyes for Christus, so Larry and Antti were able to have a conversation with Brownie and the team of the fotographer Uwe Bartzsch! Who made some great pictures of the boys doing grimaces!

Caro was taking the chance to cadge a cigarette from Snack! Than she was controlling the number of smokers on the balcony, where she already found the half organisation team!

While around us the photo and autograph terror had been breaking out, the Jonne group was using their time to do a relaxted conversation! Among other things we found out the reason for Jonnes missing nipple-piercing. He told us that he lost it on a vacation in Greece while swimming in the sea! He also mentioned that he could buy a new one but maybe it must be pierced again, because he hadn't tried to put a new one in!

Also we had been told that he is an absolute scatterbrain! So the tourmanager mostly had to return his stuff back to him! It would be even so bad that, after the last gig in Russia,
he had forgotten his favourite waistcoate!

Than Sunny asked him why they just had selected the song „If I close my eyes forever“
from Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford as the end song of their shows, because this is one oh her favourites. Jonne answered that it was Antti’s idea. Before they had this special version of "Goodbye" that had been sung by an chinese fan. Jonne comment it by saying that maybe it was time for a change! Thanx to Antti for that great idea!

After that it was time for some autographs!

Below us were still a lot of rush and it seemed that everybody was having a lot of fun!

In between Jonne took the time to take some pictures with fans again!
Like here with Annika, unfortunately her camera didn't work. Jonne comment it with the words:
„That is my bad Karma!“ !

Meanwhile the other band members were signing some pictures!

And Jonne? Patiently satisfying the needs of his fans!!

Than we started a conversation again, this time about concerts. Somebody wanted to know from Jonne which concert he had seen last and if he is more the type who freaks out or rather a quite observer of the show!? He considered shortly and answered, that the last concert he had been to, was in September the gig of Day Eleven in Tampere! He admited that he is more the quiet observer! He prefers bands who change the speed of their songs during the show ( from rock to ballads), so that it would not be boring to keep the attention on the show! I used the situation to admit that I was a big fan of the Kelly Family for twelve years, because they are one of the best live bands ever! Jonne told me that he knows the band but he never saw them live!
(What a shame! That had to be changed soon!) 

In a quite minute I asked Jonne to send some greetings to the fans who were not able to come to Karlsruhe!

Here you can watch the small video!

Slowly our time with the boys come to the end!
Danni had to deliever them to the location because they had another important photoshooting and the soundcheck after that on their plan! According to this, the goodbye was quite shortly and hectically! Like always Jonne had forgotten something!

Here some more  Jonne-impresions!


Here is the fan-photo-gallerie!

You can find more pictures in the galeries of negativeband,
Wave of Darkness and Gothic and Art.

The Boys of NGT like it so much that there was a small part of the meeting shown at finish TV!

video part 1
video part 2

At the end we want to thank all the people who made this fanmeeting possible!

Especially the band, the management and the german record label
who always take time for the fans!



2005 by Jeanne & Britta
All Rights Reserved