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Christin, Little Red and the Band


Braunschweig 16.09.2007 a sunny day in september…together with Christin and Kim we waited in front of the venue for the entry. Because of the beautiful weather the wait was almost fun…if only these stupid mosquitoes would not have been! But not even that could change our good mood. At four o’clock the time had come for us to entert he location. Christin clutched the huge bag of Gummibärchen and the big bar Milka chocolate which she had brought fort he band.

At the Catering area the band was almost waiting for us!

They remembered Christin and asked her how she feels.
After that she gave her presents, a big chocolate bar and a huge bag of Gummibärchen to Antti and told him that they should eat more because they all would look so thin!

Jonne und Christin just started an exited conversation.

Meanwhile the other band members used the free time to smoke a cigarette,
or have a little „coffee break“.

After Small Talk Christin asked the Band to sign her wheelchair.
And she proudly presented the autographs of the 69 Eyes who had also signed it!

Jay signed at least and looked a little bit irritated, on the point where he set his autograph there was nothing to see, as Christin saw his face she started to smile, Jay has tried to sign the silver metal with a silver Edding…she gave him a black one so that he could complete his work.

The boys were in a good mood and they talked a lot. Christin reported that she was allowed to watch the sound check at the last gig of the 69 eyes and that she would be very happy if it would be possible to see the sound check of Negative too! First the guys was not sure about tha but than the Manager made it possible.. Christin beamed with joy. Meanwhile „Little Red Ridding Hood“ seemed temporary to be somewhere else with his thoughts.

Than we had to leave the location for 15 minutes to give the band some time to prepare their self’s for the sound check. Thant he moment had come, one of Christins biggest wishes had come true, she was allowed to watch Negative doing the sound check. Not to disturb the band she only took a few pictures without using the flash.

Negative performed four songs, for example „Frozen to loose it all“
and „Neverending Parade“ two of Christins Favourites!

Than it was time for us to wait outside fort he concert. Fortunately not for long.
Because of the very kind Security Christin was able to get a place with her wheelchair where she had a good view. Big Thanks to the great team of the location
who helped us a lot. Here are some impressions!
(More pictures from Christin can be found in the „Your photos“ Section.)

The show started with a great performance of Day Eleven!

When the concert was over we said goodbye to a very tiered
but extremely happy Christin! Thanks to Negative
and the Management to give us the opportunity to fulfil this wish!


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All Rights Reserved